Certified Voice Artist Program WEEK 3: Moving your Way to the Voice Acting Industry

The third day of the Certified Voice Acting Program (CVAP) held last July 5, 2020, has been jam-packed with knowledge and motivation! The Voice Master, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales has delivered yet another engaging and interactive practical learning experience.

Third time is always the charm!

The CVAP workshop has been what could be considered as the meatiest! The students have indeed learned many different techniques and ways to market themselves and make themselves known! Not only that, but the students have also been motivated to move forward and pursue their dreams more!

Consistency is Key!

The students were reminded of the importance of finding the niche. As someone who is starting out in the industry, it is recommended to focus on one or two niches. Whether it is, dubbing, commercials, AVPs, movie trailers, or whichever it is, one must continue to hone their skills and make it a daily habit. Not only that, but a voice artist must also practice voice-over exercises every day.

Voice Over Tips and Exercises

The Voice Master had given the students a golden pot of valuable tips! Beginning with how to mark the scripts, and how to act and add emotions to the script effectively. Most especially, on how to deliver the right message and emotion instantly and effectively. He added that practicing tongue twisters and recording one's self daily. Self-directing and always improving one's craft one day at a time.

Voice Artists as Entrepreneurs

Voice artists are not simply talents or artists, but also entrepreneurs. This is why a background in marketing as a voice artist is important. The Voice Master thought the students how to promote and brand themselves as a voice actor. This gives the students a greater chance to increase their presence in the voice acting industry.

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