CreatiVoices Cooperates with an international voice artists’ community in helping Sendong Victims

CreatiVoices Productions is one with a community of voice artists coming from different places in the world in producing a video that will encourage people from all around the world to help the victims of the tropical storm Sendong .
The project was started through the “Let’s talk about Philippines,” a Facebook group formed to help the affected individuals by the typhoon Sendong.
A script was drafted first and was improved later on through the help of the volunteer voice artists until it was marked as the final. Soon, it was recorded and through the internet, recordings were sent to CreatiVoices Productions. When voice files were already available, it was synced with a video that was also prepared earlier.
As of now, the video which uses the first batches of the voices has been released and is already circulating online. The international voice artists’ community is glad to help in their own way which is through lending their golden voices.
The first batch of voices includes voices of Andy Boyns, Arthur Maxx, Robert Churchfield Jr., Maike Tanner, Jenn Wong, Sanjo Ogunseye, Rick Lance, Herb Merriweather, Seth Niimi, Scott “Scooter” Fortney, Dave DeAndrea, and Mehmet Onur.

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