Ever Thought of Hosting a Webinar?

Psst! Check this out!

I sure got lucky! I get to find this interesting ticket and book just now.

Ooh, nice! There's been a lot of webinars lately, huh?

How many webinars have you been to now? I bet there's so many you can't even count it on your fingers.

Some may be interesting at first definitely, but then they just suddenly become a drag at the end.

But I got to say that there are a few others that are definitely fun from the beginning to end.

Sometimes you think... Hey, maybe I can do this too?

Just think about it. You just have to pick a topic, make a presentation, get a zoom account, get some participants, and bam! That's it!

I get the feeling that you might be thinking, "Wait, that's it? I get a feeling that it's tough to do."

Well, honestly, you may be right. It's not exactly as easy as that. But this I can assure you. 


Especially if you are really interested and passionate to share your knowledge with everyone.

There are so many other things that you should consider besides choosing a topic, making a presentation, or hosting a zoom meeting.

Just the webinar you are looking for!

On May 28th, there will be a webinar on Professional Speaking and Online Hosting.

This webinar by "THE VOICE BUILDER" Kuyapas Danes Serrano will not only teach you the obvious basics. 

Not only has Kuyapas been a host for various webinars under CreatiVoices Productions.

Kuyapas is also one of the go-to professional speakers in the country that inspire and bring change to each organization he has been invited to speak.

He has been doing professional speaking for many years now to many schools and institutions all over the country. 

Kuyapas, as his brand name suggests, will help BUILD your voice to make your webinar more ENGAGING and more WORTHWHILE for your audience, making them want for MORE. 

Usually, all, if not all, most of the value-packed webinar are expensive or comes with a fee.

You still need to save up money for that. Sad...

But here's the thing... Right now, YOU DON'T.

This chance will only come to you once. Soon, everything else, all the webinars and workshops of CreatiVoices Productions, will come with a fee. 

Yup, you're right. it's FREE!

It's not even discounted, and you don't need to shell out anything from your wallet or account.

You just have to grab it while it's FREE!

But I'm telling you, you better hurry! Grab your ticket now before they run out! Only 100 participants will get a chance to join!

Oh, and one more thing... This is is just between you and me...

You even get to own a free Ebook on Professional hosting for FREE! 


Alright, so are you going to this webinar? 

Get your tickets here:

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