Voice Actor Spotlight: Briana White

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Voice actress Briana White, proof that starting small works

Some artists get noticed quickly through their natural talent and other convenient reasons, but not everyone gets that special treatment. Others have to start small and there’s nothing wrong with that! Briana White, the voice of Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, is proof that slowly and gradually chasing your dream is a viable and fulfilling approach.

White, now of global popularity, actually started small and slowly progressed over years of hard work and perseverance.

Many famous actors and actresses start early and make it big in the industry at such young ages, like Angelina Jolie, for example.

But for Bri, things were different. Her love for acting surfaced across her younger years, but in small ways such as school plays.

She eventually got into New York University to study more about acting, something she considers one of the biggest achievements in her life.

We all have a unique path

In a video with Youtuber Tyrone Magnus, Bri talks about how all artists are meant to have different, unique paths, and people shouldn’t compare themselves with each other. Everyone is born differently with varying strengths, and that difference is what determines one’s unique path.

The FF7R voice actress invested a lot in her education and pursued a number of small jobs after graduating from NYU in 2013.

Her journey as an actress had its share of rough moments, including that time her scene was cut from a certain movie starring comedian Andy Samberg.

Source: Square Enix

Current popularity and community engagement

She also pursued a streaming career through which she built a community on something she loves: video games.

Her community, known as the Strange Rebels, gradually grew larger over time as her exposure increased little by little.

One day, she received an email for a certain video game casting. While a big fan of video games, she didn’t have any significant voice acting experience at that time, so she wasn’t the most confident.

But luckily, she had a good idea of what the role was, so she did her research, gave it her all and just tried to have fun with it.

On June 11 2019, it was revealed that White had booked the role of Aerith Gainsborough, the iconic flower girl of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Being part of the FF world and community is something she considers a blessing, and she's now able to spread happiness across a wider range of people.

It took her several years after college to land her first big voice acting role. She started small, but she never stopped. Despite a number of obstacles, White just kept on going.

Now, she frequently streams Final Fantasy 7 Remake on her Twitch as she discusses interesting game details, some of which only she knew about. The actress also stars in “Bollyweird,” a new “act-from-home” web series shot entirely in quarantine. The Bollywood-inspired comedy tackles the struggles of people amid the COVID-19 pandemic and is available for watching on Youtube.

If you want to know more about Bri, check out her Instagram profile and Youtube channel!

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