The CVAP Batch 1 Virtual Graduation Group Performances

The CVAP Batch 1 Virtual Graduation Group Performances

It was the Virtual Graduation Day of The Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) Batch 1.  Everyone had certainly exerted the effort to make it on the Graduation List and finally be certified as a Voice Artist by the one and only VoiceMaster of the Philippines, Mr. Pocholo De Leon Gonzales. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the group performances…

Breakout Room 1 had “CVAP News Program” led by "The Coaching Voice," Mr. Lab Casas all the way from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  The reporters were played by Ms. Michelle Samson, The Voice Artist-Writer;” Ms. Maridelle Jaurigue, The MezzoVoice;” Ms. Linda Nomananap fondly called “Nay Lin,” The Voice of the Ages from Bahrain; and Ms. Lovely Asegurado, Voicentiments.”  They did a News Report wherein each group member presented an account of what we have learned per week.  They did a pretty good job!  It was tantamount to watching a News Program like “24 Oras.”  This also reminded me that being a Voice Artist transcends time, age, and distance since some of them are located overseas.  Just follow your passion and everything else follows. 

I was a member of Breakout Room 2 group lead by Mr. MotiVOICEtion,” Mr. Thoto Ferido, who did the wonderful introduction for each of us by playing his ukulele live.  Our theme was “Tambay sa Tindahan.”  Ms. Apol Gutang, TheStunningVoice,” did a Nescafe commercial.  Ms. Myra Escoro, Primavoice,” sang an SM commercial while The Voicing Queen,” Ms. Nikie Esmero mimicked a classic, our favorite character Princess Sarah.  Sir Thoto Ferido did a delightful Marc Logan impersonation then segued to a Seiko wallet commercial.  Lastly, in spite of my laptop camera acting up, yours truly, Ms. Lei Variacion, "Voice Daydreamer," did a Kim Chiu impersonation, just her short stint “bawal lumabas” video.  Through our brief presentation, we have showcased our individual talent.  “Istambay, istambay sa tindahan…” Good job, Voicemates!

Nay Lin, “The Voice of the Ages” gave a Valedictory Speech before Breakout Room 3 presented.  It was short and sweet, inspiring indeed!

Breakout Room 3 did a parody of “Raffy Tulfo In Action Show” called “Papi Tolpo in Action.” This was impersonated on point by All About That Voice,” Mr. Moises Ivan Leona with his assistant, Sharee Roman played by The Voice Diva,” Ms. Anabelle Perez.  Other Voicemates called in to have their problems about Voice Acting. This was resolved by “Papi Tolpo,” with the help of “Sir Potchi,” which was spectacularly performed by The Rich Voice,” Mr. Richard Abalos (impersonating The Voicemaster).  Mr. Kris Cruz, To All The Voice I’ve Loved Before,” with his changing hairstyles, was the first caller.  His problems were answered with a “Pochology,” (Sir Pocholo Gonzales’ words of wisdom).  The other callers were Ms. Haziel May Natorilla,Your Voice Alchemist;” Ms. Mary Jephte Mañebog, ArmedVoice;” Ms. Marjie Escaño, MeVoces and last but not the least, Mr. Alvin Balce, The VO ACE.”  Watching them was such a treat!  Entertaining and yet mentally stimulating.  It reminds me of how lucky I am to be associated with these talented people from all walks of life.  It keeps you grounded and aspire to always be a better version of ourselves.

Breakout Room 4 did a parody of “Encantadia,” gay version, called “Bekintadia.”  The Story-teller was Mr. John Paulo Rapiz, Voicezzinger Z!” who aptly sounded like an old man.  It was amusing to hear them do “beki-speak” lead by Ms. Kate De Vera, Delikate Voice;” Ms. Edel Grace Seronay, Velvety Voice;” and Ms. Lyn Gonzalez, Kween of the Voice as “Inang Mother.”  There were four fairies or “Diwatas” namely “Pirenchi, Diwata ng Apoy;” “Amoyan, Diwata ng Hangin;” “Nadaya, Diwata ng Lupa;” and “Balyena, Diwata ng Tubig.”  What happened was Pirenchi stole the “Brillante ng CVAP” owned by her sisters and got caught by “Inang Mother” so she returned them and left “Bekintadia.”  Then years later Pirenchi learned her lesson and joined CVAP Batch 2 since she realized that there was no shortcut to gain the knowledge of Voice Acting.  Way to go, Pirenchi!

Breakout Room 5’s presentation was about an Amateur Voice Actor who would audition for two characters as an angry guy and a child who needed guidance.  The confused guy was portrayed by The Voice of Choice,” Mr. Nichols Sayson.  His friends helped him out with practical advice like proper posture, lead-in lines, warm-up vocalization, practicing pitch, yawning, physical exercise, and drinking water at room temperature.  Miss Voice Energy,” Ms. Jari V.; Mr. Emil Alfonso, Lime Voices”; Ms. Rian Ruiz, The Voice Enchantress;” Ms. Sheryl Arce Cardona, "Heartlifting Soulful Voice;" and Ms. Deanna Gale Roquia, "Voice of the Gale" were the ones who helped him out. 

The next to perform was Breakout Room 6 called “Six Vox” who had a Boardroom Meeting with their President, played by Mr. Rene Torralba, enVoice Artistry who was diplomatic in doing so.  The other Voicemates gave reports on their respective departments like Ms. Des Budomo, DaiLight Voices,” Vice President of Human Resources;  Mr. Jeff Perey, JuanVoice,” as Vice President of Operations;  Ms. Nerisa Dimaculangan as Vice President of Marketing;  and Mr. Steven Chase Lemen, VocablooVoices as Vice President of Planning and Development Department.  The bosses dealt with their “problems” on Voice Acting within their team, reminding us to self-direct and critic our own work.  

Mr. Clifford Rae Gonzales, The Voice Next Door did an engaging Tito Boy Abunda impersonation for Breakout Room 7.  He interviewed other Voicemates ala celebrity guests on his show “Tito Voice Next Door” even including the popular “Fast Talk” segment with Ms. Iris Hamada, Smooth, Simple and Sassy.”  Mr. Joshua Ravelas, Voice D. Slayer,” Ms. Julie Pearl Brion, Galavoice and Mr. Tedd Alabanza, The GifTedd Voice shared bits of learnings from the past month.  They have reminded us that "the best time to believe in yourself is when no one believes in you."

There was no Breakout Room 8 so we proceeded to Breakout Room 9 headed byVoice Kitty,” Ms. Carren Deguilla.  Their group presented an Original Play for “ZoomArte”, a project we will be having soon where Voicemates would do a live skit via the Zoom app.  Their Original Play was entitled “Sunset Skies.”  Starred by Mr. Dave Tabifranca, DaveVinciVoice and Ms. Michelle Jordan, The Bubbly Voice who have had feelings for each other for years but were afraid to admit them in fear of ruining their friendship.  Mr. Davu Herrero, GeezerWeeb,” Ms. Carren Deguilla, “Voice Kitty,” and Ms. Camille Tanchingco, Voice Quester were the friends who helped them figure out their feelings.  One fine day, Dave and Michelle finally had that talk where they admitted their feelings for each other.  However, it was bittersweet because Michelle’s family will be relocating to Qatar.  Ouch!  “Hello, Love, Goodbye lang ang peg.”  

The last but not the least to perform was Breakout Room 10 headed by Mr. Joshua Simeon, The Voice Scout.”  Their play was entitled “How Do You Say It?”  A love story between Mr. Harvey Gamboa,TheHarmoniousVoice and Ms. Jenny Gonda, Gondang Voice.”  Mr. Francis Suñga, Voice Mhez played Google Assistant and Harvey’s buddy.  While Ms. April Joy Escondo-Ramos, The Voiceprinter played the voice of Amazon Alexa and Jenny’s best friend.  They’ve known each other since high school and then ended up working together in Ortigas.  Harvey courted Jenny for six months before she agreed to be his girlfriend.  They had a lover’s quarrel when she got jealous of Harvey’s friend.  She eventually called it quits. So that’s how they became friends, lovers then back to being friends.    

I’m glad that I am part of CVAP Batch 1.  Having seen all of these performances made me realize how truly talented we are.  We are all part of a puzzle, we have to stick together to keep it whole.  It would be fun to do collaborations as we share this blazing passion for the art of Voice Acting.   

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