Research Reveal 30-Minute Aerobic Exercise Useful on Vocal Warm-up

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Why exercise is good for your voice

Yes, it is common knowledge that exercise is generally good for your health. However, for the not-so-sporty types, you may find that exercise is quite the chore rather than something as automatic as eating food. But what does exercise have to do with your voice, particularly, to all of you aspiring, practicing, and future voice artists?

Sound is produced when vocal folds vibrate. Did you know that aerobic exercises were found useful in singing? McHenry and Evans reported in their studies that “favorable aerodynamic changes” were observed after aerobic exercise. This result helps readers take note that aerobic exercises are useful to voice practitioners especially in terms of airflow and vocal efficiency. 

Their study also reported that aerobic workout “positively impacts the respiratory driving force for voice production”, an important thing to consider when it comes to vocal care routines. While their research method was not particularly replicated for voice artists in the Philippines, the general effect is something worth considering as motivation for you to jumpstart on that exercise routine.

What kind of 30-minute aerobic exercise routines can you consider?

McHenry and Evans’ research mentioned that participants used a treadmill to complete an exercise routine within their target heart aerobic range. 

At the end of the day, aerobic exercise as part of your personal fitness can be your lifelong ally in pursuing anything under the sun. And sometimes, that anything can be your future commitment to using your voice to become the voice artist of your dreams.

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