Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) WEEK 4: Finding a family and a safe haven in CVAP

A recap of CVAP.

It finally all came together for us on Day 4.

We were inspired by the VoiceMaster’s life story and were oriented about the basic skills required of a

voice artist on Day 1. We learned about the relevance of finding one’s niche market on Day 2. Then we

were oriented about the value of promoting one’s brand and the importance of doing constant and

regular practice as a voice artist on Day 3.

Day 4 was met with both a sigh of relief and a tinge of sadness. We were relieved because we were

finally done with all the requirements and excited to get certified. But it was apparent that we were not

ready to leave the community served as our haven for four weeks.  

Learning to build our own home studio.

The lesson presented during the morning session was the final set of instructions that we needed to

make it on our own as voice artists. Specifically, we learned about how

to build our home recording studio. This is especially important in this COVID-19 era, where the existence

of traditional recording studios will no longer be relevant. And so voice artists who have the capability of

producing studio-quality audio recordings will be the last ones standing in the voice acting

industry during this pandemic. Therefore, we were grateful to have learned these lessons in the

session about “How to Build Your Own Home Studio”.  

Let's volt-in! 

But the highlight of the day was our activity in the afternoon, where we got to dub a classic Japanese

animation series -- Voltes V! The activity was just introduced as the morning session was just wrapping

up, and so we were all amazed by the amount of creativity that each group has put into their presentations.  

Most were of course funny, while some even found a way to inject social issues from current events into

their skits. It was a live dubbing session, so we had to deal with connectivity issues. Some found it hard

to sync the spoken dialogue with the video sequence, but we all prevailed nonetheless and it was one

hell of a fun ride for us.

As the session was drawing to a close, we all began to feel the sadness associated with parting ways

with people whom you practically considered as a family for almost one month. We found it hard to click

the “Leave Meeting” button, as we knew that this was the last time that we were going to click it. It was

there that the now-famous “sepanx” (short for separation anxiety) feels, became apparent.

Not an ending, but a new beginning.

But we were able to process through all these and came to the conclusion that this is not an ending, but

just the start of even bigger things to come. Because unknowingly, that’s what we signed up for. We

signed up for a certification course in voice acting, and yet we ended up with so much more.  

We were taught to accept and love ourselves for who was really are and to find that inner voice within us

that was raring to come finally come out in the open. We were made to reconnect with that superhero of

a child within us, because ultimately, the superhero that we thought we needed to seek from outside,

was inside of us all along. Lastly, after embracing that innate power within us that we have ignored for so

long, we are now easing our way to finding our life’s purpose, our ultimate mission for being here.

All these came together for us in the last session. And we couldn’t have asked for anything more.                

If you think you’re ready to finally heed to your inner calling and follow your life’s mission, join us for

Batch 3 of the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP). It’s your chance to learn from the premiere school

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