Voice Night Out with The Honest Con-Man: A Night to Remember


How it started

VG8 Radio's show "The Voice Night Out" debuted its pilot episode on May 15, 2020. Due to public demand, the show aired again the next day, May 16, making an encore episode. The entire concept of the show was pitched during the lockdown crisis. It was initially thought out to be a podcast. However, the producers of the show wanted to air it as a show instead.  

The Honest Con-Man

His journey began from being a professional magician, a motivational speaker, and a voice artist to becoming the Show Host of the current running late-night show, The Voice Night Out. Chris Lina has proved himself as the jack of all trades of being a performing artist.  

Hosting events may be far different from hosting a late-night show. Yet, Lina still dares to question and challenge controversial issues happening around us and makes the tone of the show as unpretentious and laidback as if making the guests and the audience his drinking buddies. 

Show’s Appeal

A lot is going on being a one-man show, but that doesn’t stop the show to be featured as a mature, playful, and no-holds-barred question and answer.

While ice-breakers pace the mood, the unfiltered questions give excitement to everyone in the show to take sides. These are difficult and awkward opinion-based situations that liberate the topic. Most times, it goes into a broader point of view.

The comments section is, then, entertained to further the flow of the topic which leaves a lot of “quotable quotes”. The guests' takeaways relate impressions to viewers that may agree or disagree. These free-for-all discussions sometimes result in overtime in the show, but the good reception of the audience keeps the blood running in its entire production. 

(From top left to bottom right: Chris Lina, Richard Abalos, Kat Posada, Marco Tolentino)

Fridays at 11 pm

Weekends have never been cozier and livelier without the show's late-night timeslot. Running this show for more than two months now has made after-evening getting better and better with its raunchy comedy and sincere discourse from guests from different walks of life. Catch Voice Night Out, Fridays from 11 pm - 1 am. Only at VG8 Radio, we'll see you there!

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