The Certified Voice Artist Program Batch 1 Virtual Graduation and Beyond

CVAP Batch 1 Virtual Graduation

One sunny Saturday afternoon, the 18th of July, 2020 at 3 pm.  Emotions ran high.  Finally, after completing tons of assignments, sleepless nights, equipment investment, and mental readiness...  Everyone was looking forward to this big day.  Everyone was dressed well.  The guys wore their dress shirts, and the gals were all pretty and made-up.  Some even had toga on.  Everyone was excited about the Virtual Graduation of the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) Batch 1!  

We had been divided into ten groups or Breakout Rooms prior and assigned to have a short performance to highlight what we have learned in class.  Everyone was fired up to perform their group’s presentation.  Hosted by “The Rich Voice,” Mr. Richard Abalos, and “Miss Voice Energy,” Ms. Jari V., the program started.  The prayer was led by the CVAP Program Director, “The Voicing Queen,” Ms. Nikie Esmero.  As always, everyone was at their performance level!  For a quick rundown of the performances, please check out the following article.

The Certified Voice Artist Program Batch 1 Virtual Graduation Group Performances

After the group performances, the Caseres siblings, Jed and Joed from Dumaguete City gave a short and sweet congratulatory message to all via video clip and they were happy to be Voice Ambassadors as we all are.  Ms. Nikie Esmero gave a heart-warming speech and emphasized that one of the goals of CVAP was to change our mindset or basically to reset all of us.  She prodded us to regain our child-like qualities, find the superhero within, and let it out by making things happen.      


Sir Thoto Ferido gave his inspiring Valedictory Address.  Inculcated that this course was a life-changing experience indeed.  “By doing we were learning, and by learning, we also started believing.”  Such beautiful words.  Complete with cake and drinks, we echoed his cheers to all…  “Congratulations, CVAP Batch 1!”

Before Sir Pocholo Gonzales appeared, he showed us the video clips of our CVAP Testimonials where we found out each one’s motivations and challenges.  Sir Choi gave an awesome gift to Mr. Dave Tabifranca which was an M-Audio Mic!  He also showed us the Certificate of Attendance to all who had joined the CVAP Batch 1 online class.  He reiterated the culture that manifests in this family which is loving, sharing, giving, and caring.  Lastly, Mr. Rene Torralba gave his speech leaving us with golden nuggets of advice, some of which were:  “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” and “A goal without a plan, is just a wish.”     

The Last Day Supposedly…  

The Certified Voice Artist Program ran for four Saturdays that started on June 20th until July 10th, 2020.  The fifth Saturday, July 17th was the Graduation Day.  However, we have met again on July 25th for the Certification or Investiture, our sixth Saturday together.  We call it InVOICEtiture actually.  This was because Separation Anxiety was much too strong for this group.  Furthermore, Sir Choi had been very considerate with our circumstances by extending the submission of assignments until the end of July, 2020 as consideration to those who have full-time jobs.  And he wanted everyone to be Certified. This extension was only a privilege given to us, Batch 1. Everybody was happy to be part of this group of creative, talented, passionate individuals bound by their love for Voice Acting.        

CVAP Batch 1 Investiture/InVOICEtiture

The program was hosted by Mr. Richard Abalos and Ms. Anj Rodriguez, “Voice Ganda.”  It was a day full of heart-warming inspiration and real-life stories of my colleagues.  A few tears had been shed, as we got choked up and carried away by their sincere, heartfelt testimonials initiated by Ms. Sheryl Arce Cardona, "Heartlifting Soulful Voice" who was able to capture everyone's sentiments in a few words, who truly felt at home in this CVAP family like what each and every one of us felt. That day was a treasure trove of encouragement and enthusiasm coming from the speech of Ms. Carren Deguilla, "Voice Kitty;" Mr. John Paolo Rapiz, "Voicezzinger Z;" Ms. Jenny Gonda, "Gondang Voice;" and Ms. Nikie Esmero among others.

We all have personal issues or problems we contend with, but those things won’t stop us from shining and reaching our full potential.  Instead, we are going to use all those challenges to motivate us to soar to greater heights.  Sir Choi said we were like angels with one wing.  We cannot fly without each other, again reiterating the culture in this family which is loving, giving, sharing, and caring.  His vision is to have 10,000 Voice Artist graduates of the CVAP by 2025, his grand legacy in the making beginning with us, Batch 1.  

Sir Choi also announced the following Awards:

Best Female Graduation Performer: Ms. Michelle Jordan, “The Bubbly Voice”

Best Male Graduation Performer:         Mr. Dave Tabifranca, “DaveVinciVoice”

The VoiceMaster’s Choice Award Female: Ms. Edel Grace Seronay, “VelvetyVoice”

The VoiceMaster’s Choice Award Male: Mr. Joshua Simeon, “The Voice Scout”

Finally, Sir Choi declared our Membership/Certification Numbers through Ms. Nikie Esmero.  So we were officially Certified Voice Artist Partner of CreatiVoices Productions under Sir Pocholo Gonzales!  Again, congratulations CVAP Batch 1!                        

What Happens Next?

This is a million-dollar question.  Some of my Voicemates already have shows on VG8 Radio, an online radio station owned by “The Voicemaster,” Mr. Pocholo De Leon Gonzales.  Some have just started their own shows or will be starting one soon.  Some of them are also Content Creators on YouTube.  Some are on other social media platforms like TikTok having thousands of followers.  Others have full-time jobs and/or running their business while doing Voice Acting as a passion.  Mostly, my colleagues are talking about doing collaborations or being a guest on their Radio Shows to support each other.  Others already have existing Online shows or are Professional Events Hosts where CVAP had been a big help to become a better speaker.  Some had already received Voice Over projects even before we graduated!  

As for me personally, I would like to improve what I have learned by practicing and maybe creating content too to showcase this new-found knowledge.  I am looking forward to working with them as I join the Writer’s Team among others.  We are also in the process of hopefully developing another Radio Show.  The goal is to continue to evolve and grow, not just our Voice Acting skills but also to be an inspiration to others as well, the same way Mr. Pocholo De Leon Gonzales has been to us all using this God-given gift we possess, our own voice.                  

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