The Most Engaging Voice Acting Class Online: Certified Voice Acting Program

The Certified Voice Acting Workshop

From the Philippine Center for Voice Acting and the Creativoices Productions, a new innovative workshop has been born and delivered online during the time of the pandemic. This unexpectedly brought about better improvement to the workshop with more engaging activities and reaching more people in not just the country and the world via Zoom. Bringing the opportunity right at the homes to those who cannot go to Manila for a live workshop. 

This brings forth a support group and a bigger connection through the community of aspiring voice actors growing together to reach success. Of course with the guidance of Pocholo “The Voice Master” De Leon Gonzales, a renowned dubbing director and experienced voice actor in the Philippines.

The Voice Master

All students will be trained under the Voice Master himself. This is something that has never been done before. Thus it is a privilege that should never be missed and is exactly what most of the students felt. Besides being a renowned dubbing director, he has set a mark in the industry of dubbing, radio drama, tv and radio commercials, and a mentor to most of the successful voice actors in the industry. Thus he is also known as the man behind a thousand voices.

Why you need to be certified

Now that studios have shut down, the demand for voice actors is increasing. There are also many voice actors out there who are looking for a job just like you. What will be your edge then? Thus coaching is necessary. This four-week course will train and equip you to get you closer to your first project as a voice actor. 

High-value Voice Acting Workshop

Let’s you know how to start

Being a total newbie is hard. This four-week workshop will guide you step by step into achieving your dream. With modules that will really make you grab a pen and paper giving you valuable techniques and tips to equip you better.

Valuable vocal exercises

The workshop does not end in the Zoom classes alone. You will have regular assignments that will really help you improve. These exercises are either done in groups or individually so you are not growing alone but together.

Helps you be Equipped

This workshop will not only improve your voice or the way you speak or read, but you will also have the opportunity to be creative and learn skillsets related to voice acting like scriptwriting, audio editing, and marketing! Yup, that’s right! Even marketing and there’s more!

The Right Mind Setting

The Voice Master, being a motivational speaker himself will guide you not just by theories and facts. His experiences, valuable life lessons, and mantra that made him successful will all be passed down to you! Keeping you motivated and driven to achieve your goals!

Have a Community of Support Group

What makes this workshop extra special is not only are you able to build your skills but build a bond as well. Having you an opportunity to expand your connections and grow together. A community that helps each other grow.

The time is now!

If you want to be a voice actor, there is no better time than now. The door is waiting to open. You just have to knock! Get yourself trained and certified! Step forward and move closer to your dream. You can be the voice that is heard! 

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