Voice Night Out’s Encore Episode: #SAIDuction


After a successful pilot episode, Voice Night Out released its first encore episode by popular demand airing it on VG8 Radio, Saturday, May 16, 2020. The episode talked about how different seduction works and how people seduce on both sexes. Making their first guest appearance, the show welcomed some of The Voice Acting Project members: Doc Djama Madayag, Diane Sarmiento, Host Shaine, Kristoff Contreras, Junico Espino, and Tedd Lorenz Alabanza; of course, the usual “suspects”, Richard “THERICKMATTHEWS” Abalos and Marco Tolentino, were also there. 

The Art of Seduction

“What will seduce a person is the effort we expend on their behalf, showing how much we care, how much they are worth.” - Robert Greene”

This episode was discussed from a consensual romantic point of view, and not the manipulation kind. Guests argued that to “seduce” someone, one must know his motives and his type. Interestingly enough, most male guests noticed surface qualities. These surface qualities were not just about the physical appearance, but the whole physicality - how people carry themselves. On the other hand, female guests were more interested in the subtlety of the person they’re interested in. For them, maturity was prioritized since proper mind setting was ideal for testing life skills. 

Without knowing what characteristics to like or dislike in a person would put anyone in an awkward position. The opportunity to fully know someone would be taken away. The guests suggested that momentum and genuine appreciation worked out for them.  While confidence attracted people, it was the way people say those words that makes their prospects interested. 

Dealing with first encounters, the majority agreed that it was important to be yourself. It might be cliché as it sounds, but that for them was a great way to test if personalities match. At the same time, putting moves paced the process. Flirting was an obvious sign of letting the other person know they’re interested. Even if the prospects ended up uninterested, it was worth the shot. At least, they tried. It’s the what-ifs of failure that make people regret not doing anything. 

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