First Voice Artist Certification in the Philippines CVA


CVAP is known as the Certified Voice Artist Program here in the Philippines, the first  and only Certification Program. CVAP has assisted aspirants who wish to become Certified Voice Artist, and many have changed their lives, including those who have graduated and are full-fledged professionals who wish to become voice artists.

CVAP launched last year, on June 20, 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.When the pandemic began, many people lost their jobs, many were discouraged, and everyone has adapted the culture of a work from home setup. 

That is why CVAP was founded and supervised by Pocholo De Leon Gonzales ''The Voice Master'' The Man Behind a Thousand voices, saw an opportunity to share his skills and ran a 4-week webinar, advocating for assisting aspiring voice artists in the field of voice artistry.

Pocholo Gonzales remains"committed" to this advocacy to help the aspiring voice artist industry, and the number of people who want to join the program is growing. CVAP has 365 active members who have become fully Certified Voice Artists and have been awarded certificates online.In CVAP  is not all about finding money but on building relationships with each other, as a family.

If you are an aspiring voice artist, join the Certified Voice Artist Program!


"Someone out there need to hear your voice"

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