Get to know the Top 20 CVAs That Will Inspire You

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be called a Certified Voice Artist? But how can you become one? What steps do you need to take? Where do you need to begin?

You will definitely undergo some complicated challenges in the process. However, if you work on your voiceover skills and find improved ways to stand out, things will become smoother for you.

Here are the Top 20 CVAs to Inspire You on Your Path to Becoming One. 

    1. Richard Abalos, aka The Rich Voice, was one of the scholars who was given a chance by The VoiceMaster to be in the Certified Voice Artist Program Batch 1.

    Image by Richard Abalos via Facebook.

      2. Joshua Anthony Simeon, aka The Voice Scout, is a former ESL teacher who risked his job in his pursuit of voice acting and is now one of the top performing CVAP graduates.

        Image by Joshua Anthony Simeon via Facebook.

        3. Rene Vincent Torralba, aka EnVoice, is a successful businessman and an advocate for local entrepreneurs who found voice artistry to channel his creative side.

        Image by Rene Vincent Torralba via Facebook.

        4. Pau Castillo, aka AiVoice, is a digital marketing expert, a professional host, and a former CVAP student who turned to be The VoiceMaster business partner.

        Image by Pau Castillo via Facebook.

        5. Bryan Dave Perez, aka ViBryant Voice, is a student leader, youth advocate, public speaker, and an up-and-coming filmmaker who uses his vibrant voice to inspire other young people to make a difference.

        Image by Bryan Dave Perez via Facebook.
          6. Janeane Santos, aka The Golden Voice, is a professional registered nurse, a gifted singer by nature, and a CVA by heart.

          Image by Janeane Santos via Facebook.

          7. Jazmine Estorninos, aka Jaz my Voice, is an influencer, professional host, print/digital ad model, and a dreamer with a voice that inspires.

          Image by Jazmine Estorninos via Facebook.

          8. Harlem Jude Ferolino, aka Voice Pappy, is a content creator, program host, and leader who encourages young people to speak up and participate in creating positive social change.

          Image by Harlem Jude Ferolino via Facebook.

          9. Kate De Vera, aka DeliKate Voice, is a public relations practitioner and events host with a passionate drive for voice artistry.

          Image by Kate De Vera via Facebook.

          10. Lyn Gonzalez, aka Kween of the Voice, is one of the event industry stalwarts, the voice-caster and the voice of opportunity for aspiring voice artists.

          Image by Lyn Gonzales via Facebook.

          11. Dyanne Rivera, aka Voice Esquire, stands out from dreams to reality, from mimicking voice overs in games to becoming a successful CVA.

          Image by Dyanne Rivera via Facebook.

          12. Faith Pastrana, aka The VOZZ, is an entrepreneur, host, digital media specialist, scriptwriter, producer, and CVA who strived despite the challenges.

          Image by Faith Pastrana via Facebook.

          13. Mac Florendo, aka Voice Whiz, was part of Batch 3 of the Certified Voice Artist Program. He is a video creator, a food rescue advocate, a magician and a voice artist.

          Image by Mac Floredo via Facebook.

          14. Champagne Thea Cabido, aka Sparkling Voice, from CVAP Batch 5 is a former ESL teacher, amateur singer, house of representative USJR council and school commission on waste and means.

          Image by Champagne Thea Cabido via Facebook.

          15. Lloyd Loderico, aka Atomic Voice, was in Batch 5 of the Certified Voice Artist Program. He joined CVAP because his teenage dream was to become a radio DJ and a voice artist.

          Image by Atomic Voice via Facebook.

          16. Julius Niel Piala, aka piaLAV UR VOICE, was part of Batch 5 in the Certified Voice Artist Program. He is a Communication and Media educator and practitioner.

          Image by Julius Niel Piala via Facebook.

          17. Basil Fetil, aka Our Limitless Voice, is an operations manager of Disney Cruise Line's private island who is now pursuing his childhood dream to be the voice of cartoon characters with local and international projects.

          Image by Basil Fetil via Facebook.

          18. Tumnic Balabat, aka The Nick of Voice, is an IT Consultant who knows nothing about voiceovers and dubbing beforehand nonetheless destiny has found him hence the beginning of his voice acting journey.

          Image by Tumnic Balabat via Facebook.

          19. Mitzie Coleen Aguinaldo, aka The Voice Royalty, is a powerhouse singer, host, medical technologist in-training, and CVA that continues to inspire young people like herself to maximize their potential.

          Image by Mitzie Coleen Aguinaldo via Facebook.

          20. Angelica Maglanoc, aka The Voicespire, belongs from CVAP Batch 2. She is a teacher by profession, professional host, currently a project manager, and a marketing consultant.

          Image by Angelica Maglanoc via Facebook.

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