Life’s Purpose: Pocholo Uses His Voice to Empower Others

The VoiceMaster of the Philippines, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, is one of those lucky few who have figured out his place in life at an early age. Since his teenage years, Pocholo has showcased his voice behind anime characters, commercials (radio and television), children's programs, films, dubbed foreign telenovelas, drama, TV shows, video games, and audiobooks. His works and capabilities go on and on, but one thing is the most remarkable: his service towards people. 

In school, he was a model student. He graduated as Magna Cum Laude in BA Speech Communication and took his MA in Broadcast Communication from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. In the voice acting industry, he is the most renowned voice artist in the country. A VoiceMaster who is the man behind a thousand voices. A mentor who promotes voice acting as an art and aims for Filipino talents to be sought globally. The initiator of making the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia. 

If we are only to look at his long list of achievements in profession and vocation, we’ll miss something. Anyone who knows him or had avidly read published articles about him can attest that he is much greater than that. 

Over the years, he had found a deeper pursuit in life. Pocholo believes that “inspiration and motivation have an expiration." That's why he has founded foundations that promote a holistic approach towards self-development and a butterfly effect of greater pursuits in the future. One of which is the Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY) — an advocacy organization that informs, inspires, involves, and empowers the Filipino youth to intervene in societal issues and create positive social change. 

To spread the culture of sharing opportunities, he had built other advocacy organizations like, ‘The Microphone Club,’ ‘Society of Young Filipino Speakers,’ and ‘Negosyo Kabataan.’ Apart from these, he is also an inspiring motivational speaker who ignites students' drive towards a purpose-driven life and a passion-driven attitude using his hard-earned wisdom and expertise in Voice Acting, Communication, Personal Branding, Guerilla Marketing, and Youth Empowerment and Development. 

How does he manage all his engagements? He said one thing, “I just enjoy what I’m doing.” Yes, the enjoyment most people often find vague, especially when something is linked with responsibility, loads of works, and commitment. But come to think of this, if you find and navigate your purpose, like what our VoiceMaster did, not only for yourself but for people's common good, life would become merrier and meaningful.

With a single talk with him, anyone can get convinced that Pocholo Gonzales is a public figure who can set afire passion in ordinary people (like me) to go out of their shelves and let their voices be heard. 

A man’s priceless achievement would be to touch someone’s heart and invoke change in his/her life. Pocholo has done these to not only one, but thousands. The inspirations he shared, opportunities he laid, voices he empowered, and the genuine love and compassion he offered are the commendable things he achieved no awards can ever define. 

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