A New Batch of Aspiring Voice Artists Joins CVAP

“With everything that's happening now, the greatest surprise is the rare opportunities.”

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales offers these opportunities for everyone who wants to pursue their career in becoming a certified voice artist. In his workshop, the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP), you will be amazed at the diversity of skills, techniques, and lessons you will learn. As Pocholo said, CVAP is not a workshop to become a voice talent but a program that will set you on a path of becoming a voice artist that sees his work as a form of art.

According to an alumnus of CVAP Batch 7, Diane Exconde, CVAP is more than just learning all the technicalities in voice acting, dubbing, etc. She was amazed at how The VoiceMaster teaches things beyond the what and how to become a voice talent. 

“He always caught my attention and touched my heart as he shared his story that is indeed inspiring. His genuineness as a person is evident, that's why no doubt, listening to him is worthy of time.” 


 - Diane Exconde

    CVAP Batch 7/ VOTY Ambassadress

The Batch 8 of CVAP will be formally welcome this July 10, 2021 with over 40 members and counting who are very excited to participate and attend every session to achieve their goals in becoming certified voice artists. One of them is a 25-year-old former teacher and now an Educational Consultant. According to Jerrylle Nermal- Conception, she loves the idea of being a dubber during her high school days. Upon her curiosity, she encounters the name Pocholo Gonzales, and since then, she really wanted to be mentored or at least enroll in The Voice Master’s workshops. But as a student, the idea of attending his workshop was very expensive for her family at that time. But now, Jerrylle realized that this is the right time for her to finally pursue her dreams. For her, CVAP and Pocholo are the bridge that will help develop her skills and potential.

“I know when I encountered his name way back in high school, it gave me hope na hindi hanggang curiosity lang yung naramdaman ko about voice acting. It can turn into reality. I'm  so thankful especially  when I read the first chapters of his pdf book. I can sense his love for his craft and the selflessness to extend it to the people.”

    -Mrs. Jerrylle Nermal- Conception

Sherwin Dane Haro, a part-time freelancer, a student at UST, and an aspiring voice artist, is a big fan of CVAP. It all started when his friend encouraged him to register as a scholar of CVAP, and as soon as Pocholo saw his potential, he became a part of the program.

“It's always an honor when a master of their craft can pass on their knowledge to newer generations. To learn from the best is not an opportunity that always comes by, which is why I value this one very much. I believe we all do this for the love of voice acting and it is because of veterans like Sir Pocholo that I am able to unlock more of my skill, talent, and voice.”

    -Sherwin Dane Haro

The VoiceMaster has a generous heart as even his interns at CreatiVoices Productions were welcomed to join the program as scholars. Vic Francisco Jr. and Hannah Therese Peña are both interns that were given the opportunity to be part of CVAP Batch
8. According to Vic, CVAP is an excellent opportunity for him to explore his talents and skills.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mr. Pocholo Gonzales, it inspires me more to pursue my voice acting career. Thank you, sir! You taught me how to believe in myself, and stop taking people's judgment and use it as an inspiration to prove them wrong, and to succeed in life.”

    -Vic Francisco Jr.

Hannah was with Vic during the internship interview and was lucky enough to meet the Chairman and CEO himself. Pocholo immediately offered her to be part of the program as a scholar with the promise of actively helping the staff at CreatiVoices Productions and CVAP.

“...siya yung nagsisilbing boses ng kabataan at naniniwala siya na ang kabataan may tinatagong taglay kakayahan na kaya ring makapag bahagi at makatulong sa iba. Sir Pocholo has big heart to love and serve others.You know, siya yung instrument ni God sa mga tao para ma-touch ang lives nila na mas maging better pa bilang tao. And sa purpose niya, it's never ending, dahil sa mission and vision niya sa buhay at para sa mga taong nasa paligid niya for sure, mas lalo pa siyang pagpapalain ni God.

    -Hannah Therese Peña

The registration for Batch 8 is still ongoing, so if you are one of the aspiring voice artists, what are you waiting for? Enroll and register now!

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