Drawn to the Fire: ViBryant's Burning Passion to Voice Acting

The world temporarily stopped and has changed a lot when the global pandemic brought by COVID-19 hits the world. Thousands of dreams have been affected and emotional needs have risen to a devastating level. Yet even among the turmoil, voice has been so powerful as it strives to continuously spread positivity and banded together to create an impact to the community and beyond.

Certified Voice Artist (CVA) Bryan Dave Perez, known as the 'ViBryant Voice' shared his beautiful beginning in voice acting amidst the pandemic. His voice acting career started unexpectedly when the 'VoiceMaster' Pocholo Gonzales invited him to guest on the 'Bilib Kami Sayo' segment of Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY). From that opportunity, he has been recognized by the VoiceMaster and offered him a scholarship for the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP). He started on September 12, 2020 under batch 3 of the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) and officially became a Certified Voice Artist after a month of honing his talent in voice acting.

Successive opportunities came rapidly after he graduated from the VoiceMaster's program. On October 26, 2020, Bryan had his first big break when he was invited for an interview on DZBB aired on GMA News TV, hosted by Susan Enriquez and Mark Salazar. According to him, he really had heavy loads of schedules that time since he is still a student, but he hold on what the VoiceMaster has told that "Availability is the best ability." He amazed everyone with his repertoire of character voices and advised dreamers to practice the power of their voices.

Earlier this summer, Bryan joined the Blogapalooza live host search where he placed 4th out of almost 100 participants. Even though some of his competitors are veterans and he's the youngest among them, it does not suppress him to fight and excel. It all paid off when he had his first hosting event on Blogapalooza last April 17, 2021.

Another great experience came when he was chosen as one of the official hosts of the recently happened CVAP 1st Anniversary held last June 20, 2021. Together with other top CVAP graduates, they graced the online ceremony with their exceptional talent in hosting. The online event was aired live on the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) facebook page and Youtube channel, with the Star Wars inspired theme, "May the Voice Be With You." Following, on the said event, he was awarded as one of the hall of famers on the Golden Creative Voices Awards Ceremony for the top 20 Certified Voice Artists of the Philippines.

Bryan's vibrant voice also reached the international stage  when he was chosen as the Master of the Ceremony from the Asia-Pacific region at the 42nd World Scout Conference - an International Event that will be held on August 29, 2021. The said event will be attended by hundreds of delegates from almost 200 different countries in the world. He considers this opportunity as his biggest break so far in his CVA career.

Despite his achievements as CVA, Bryan did not forget where he started. In fact, he is now the Managing Director of Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY). Along with the organization's advocacy to inform, inspire, involve and empower, Bryan continues his passion to serve for he believes that his vibrant voice could inspire other young people to make a difference.

Needless to say, having a great voice is not the only factor that breeds a solid career in voice acting. A voice talent is not simply someone with a fantastic voice, but a passionate person with endless ambition, refined talent, and heart for what he is doing. Bryan's burning desire for his dreams led him to where he is right now, for he's not afraid to pursue what he loves despite the risk.

"There is nothing wrong in taking risks, because taking no risk is the biggest risk of all. If you want something, do everything you can do to achieve it. Do not stop, just continue your life until you reach your proper destination." 
– Bryan Dave "the ViBryant Voice" Perez

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