Voice of the Unheard: Where your VOICE matters

One of the most disappointing parts of our life is when we want to share our experiences, problems, hatred, and feelings with people but end up feeling that no one is listening to and acknowledging our feelings. This may cause psychological stress and behavioral changes.  

You don’t have to worry anymore because the Voice of the Unheard is here for you! Hosted by Nikie Esmero (“Voicing Queen”), Krishtel Felismino (“Vivoiceious’’ and Anabelle Perez (“The Voice Diva”), Voice of the Unheard airs every Wednesday at 7:00 in the evening.


Voice of the Unheard is an online program, powered by VG8 Radio Online, that focuses on the social issues that influence society today. The show aims to discuss prevalent social problems, how it affects an individual or society, and how people can work together to find solutions to these issues.

Voice of the Unheard has different segments to share the feelings, stories, and experiences of people. Some of their segments are about the reality of failed marriages, the LGBTQIA+ community, what it’s like to be a woman managing the household all while being an active member of society,, mental health, and more. This program will listen to you and make you feel your story is important and believe that your voice deserves to be heard. 

Listening to the stories of other people’s experiences will help you understand that there are different people that we still don’t know and everyone suffers on their own. Sometimes, simply listening will serve as the biggest comfort we could offer to the people who are dealing with internal battles.

We recognize that hiding your feelings will make you feel more vulnerable to pain and will add to your burdens until you explode, wherein you don’t know what to do anymore. Voice of the Unheard became the haven of peoplewhere they share their untold stories and inspire others.

LOOK: Mervenn Aguado a member of LGBTQIA+ at “Thought of the Day”. 

On one episode, members of the LGBTQIA+ community expresses their experiences on discrimination andnot being accepted by many. The Voice of the Unheard widens the horizon to share their stories and let people understand that they deserve to live freely and express their rights. In a segment called “Thought of the Day'' with Mervenn Aguado, a member of LGBTQIA+, calls out everyone to partake in the celebration of pride month. 

Viewers gained a different perspective about them because before they thought these people were being treated right. What they don’t know is these people still experience discrimination and different forms of abuse from other people and even from their families. 

LOOK: Nike Esmero, Upper left, Anabelle Perez, Upper right, Mr. Marcelito Santiago, R.N, Middle

The pilot episode of the Voice of the Unheard made the people see what the frontliners do to save everyone. In the interview, Mr. Marcelito Santiago, R.N was asked by Nikie Esmero if he ever felt resentful about his job as it puts his family at risk. Marcelino answered, “lahat naman tayo dumadaan sa ganitong sitwasyon eh, especially sa propesyon na pinili mo dapat handa tayo na mangyari yun.” The show became the voice of the frontliners who weren't appreciated during this pandemic. 


 Des Budomo, a former VotU team member, commented, “we try what we can but it's hard din lalo when you hear news from home na galing din sa siyudad nun nagpopositive huhu. Di mo naman masisisi kasi nagtatrabaho lang din sila and doing what they can. We need compassion, kindness and understanding.” This comment is proof that viewers are moved by their stories and had a tremendous impact. 

The Voice of the Unheard became a huge platform for everyone to understand and spread awareness. Every episode is inspiring and will open your eyes about the reality that some people that you think are strong can be struggling because we have our own silent battle that no one knows about. This program will be your shoulder to cry on, diary, friend and family to share your strugglesbecause in this program you are not alone. 

Do not keep your inspiring stories to yourself, share it with us because here in Voice of the Unheard, your voice matters!

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