CVAP Batch 8 Final Meeting: No Farewell, It Is Just The Beginning!

July 31st, the last day of the month, is also the same day that the CVAP Batch 8 members will gather for their fourth and final Saturday meeting.

With the usual program opening of hosts Richard Abalos and Jeff Perey, the participants joined the meeting with smiles and assurance that their last day in the program will be worth attending for it is another opportunity to learn from the experienced Voice Artists. Joining the resident hosts is Nicole "Soothing Sounds" Orpillla, a CVAP Batch 7 Alumnus.

It was 9:30 a.m. when the program formally started with a prayer led by Joris Sapiera, followed by the CVAP's weekly habit, a Zoomustahan Session. There were at least 60 participants back then when the session began, however, the number started to increase as the program continued.

Ten minutes before introducing the first speaker, Nicole did a recap about last week's discussion. She quickly reminds the participants on the topic "Ways of Practicing". Afterwards, at exactly 10:00 a.m., Janeane Santos also known as The Golden Voice of CVAP Batch 2 took the spotlight as one of the speakers of the day. She initially shared that it was her second speaking engagement in CVAP after The VoiceMaster first invited her  way back from one of the sessions of CVAP Batch 4. For Janeane, it was a great pleasure to be a guest speaker and have a chance to share what the industry made her experience a year after she graduated from CVAP.

Janeane is a registered nurse by profession and also a Pharmacovigilance Specialist. She is also a singer and a trained theater actor. That's why when she told the plenary that "Because of CVAP, I became so much more" everyone seems interested to know what happened to her so-called post CVAP journey. 

Janeane's testimony claimed that there's a lot of opportunities that await after finishing the program. She proudly told the audience that she became a well-rounded CVA who can now be considered as an online host, dubber, speaker, guest for various shows, and trainer for those who are just starting up. She also shared some of the most notable brands she worked with.

Her one hour talk serves as an outline for the aspiring voice artists which sets everyone's expectation from good down to the worst scenarios on getting a voice over project. She encouraged each participant to start getting themselves out there by reaching gig opportunities through auditions. Yet, she emphasized that not all projects need a voice quality that you have. That's why rejection is possible. But it doesn't mean that you're not good whenever you experience getting rejected. According to her, there's a lot of reasons why the client chose another auditionee over you. It could be for the reason that the script doesn't suit your sound or it can also, you did an excellent performance however there's someone who exceeds what you did. Whatever reason it is, she told everyone to treat the rejected effort as a practice. A CVA should put on his/her mind that every performance is a learning experience.

"Your weakness for this project can be a strength for the next one." Janeane said. "You don't have to smile through the pain. Cry! Rest. But do not let this stop you… Today's rejection might just be a temporary stepback." she added.

Before she ended her talk at 11:10 a.m., she shared a quote about success that for her has an impact when applied to life. The quote is from the American Basketball Coach John Robert Wooden and it says "Success is peace of mind, knowing you have done your best." As a reminder, she told the audience to celebrate the little victories that they viewed as a success because it fully mirrors their best.

Moreover, CVAP's program director, Nickie Esmero congratulates the Batch 8 for making it to Day 4. She shared some messages before formally introducing the VoiceMaster for its final talk. Nickie told them to invest in themselves, not only in talent but with their character. "Hindi galing ang nagdidictate kung gaano ka tatagal sa industriya. It's your character." She said that each person is unique and everyone should be a better version of themselves than yesterday. Afterall, the competition is only happening within oneself and the self-limiting doubts should be broken.

At 11:15 a.m., the VoiceMaster began his talk with a topic that focuses on the technical aspect of the program, setting-up a home recording studio. This is the part where the VoiceMaster presents a video presentation that shows him explaining the different uses of recording equipment that they have in CreatiVoices Productions, as well as its pros and cons. Other than the technical knowledge, Pocholo also showered the audience with words of wisdom. He revealed the reason for calling him "a man behind the thousand voices" rather than "a man with thousand voices" because he believes that the plenary and the previous batches of CVAP are also his voices. His vision and mission became theirs to hold into action. There is no doubt about that due to the fact that he is the man behind the success of different prominent personalities in this industry, and it was something he was proud of. He even shared that once you're a member, you are also now a family. "If you're not part of this pride then it only means one thing, you're an enemy. Because CVAP is your only Voice Over Family, no one else." he said.

After Pocholo's message that merely talks about the revolutionizing of Voice Artistry, the morning session ends at 12:30 p.m. and during the afternoon session, two guest speakers who are also CVAP alumni join the meeting.

At 1:40 in the afternoon, Mac "Voice of Magic" Florendo heats up the meeting with his exciting life story that involves voice and magic. In his video presentation, he shared that he once received an award as one of the Top 10 Youth Organizations in the Philippines for having a Food Rescue Program. With this advocacy, he showed his commendable character on being kind. "I know there's so many bad things happening around us but I hope we still choose to be kind. Always remember to focus on what makes you happy without stepping on anyone's toes." Mac said.

Mac even shared that Magic and Voice are two separate elements but both really mean a lot to him as he believes that voice is an instrument given by God that we should all master and magic is his storytelling tool to bring his voice out there. The pochology "Someone out there needs to hear your voice!"  is the root of this idea. He shared that he may not be the best in the voice acting industry but his skills in magic which is also his passion and obsession even before joining the CVAP is a great factor that allows his voice to move from different places for the purpose of touching lives.

Now, aside from his achievements in the Industry of Magic, he also excelled in the Voice Acting where he became the director of Taga Dubb TV and Online hosts for various programs.

One thing for sure is Mac does have experiences and story, and from that, he always takes advantage of moments and opportunities. "The only way to connect the dots is to have dots, and dots are your experiences." Mac said.

On the other hand, the second speaker of the afternoon, who is also the last speaker for the CVAP Batch 8, Tumnic "The Nick of Voice" Balabat from CVAP Batch 5 also shared his journey after completing the program during their batch that happened in February early this year.

Tumnic is an IT Cloud Service Manager and according to him, CVAP is an eye opener where he took real life lessons, motivations, opportunities and even the source of support. That's why aside from his profession, he is also a freelance voice artist who does professional voice over projects for different clients. With the massive number of projects he did, everyone's asking how he can get one.

In his talk, he discussed the procedures on getting projects that amusingly includes giving free voiceover service. The reason for this free offer is to market himself and to promote his skills. He always knew that there was a competition happening in the industry he went through. "No business will ever need to run any promotions if there wasn't any competition" Tumnic said.

Tumnic also shared some tips for his family in CVAP. Some of those are learning to love and take care of voice, be ready for criticisms, ask for feedback about your performance and the unique learning process called "Learn, Unlearn, Relearn" because he told everyone that different coaches and directors do have different styles that's why adapting and fitting to the set standards is a way of survival.

It was 2:30 p.m. when the talk ended and the preparation for the group activity started. The 13 breakout rooms were asked to prepare a dubbing presentation which they all performed from 3:30 pm up to  4:30 in the afternoon. The performances of each group are totally outstanding. The brilliant movie choice, variety of voices, group's creativity and never ending enjoyment in their faces while doing the activity made the last hours of CVAP program for Batch 8 more memorable. 

"Pwede bang pa-extend?" Kiddingly asked by some of the Batch 8 members. Without any second thoughts, the people behind the Certified Voice Artist Program, especially Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales did create an amazing opportunity for everyone as the participants not only gained knowledge but also found a new home.

In the second week of August is the expected InVOICEtiture where CVAP Batch 8 participants who completed the course requirements will be recognized as graduates and will receive a certificate. 

Meanwhile, inquiries for the CVAP Batch 9 are ongoing as well as the application for scholarships. The program for Batch 9 is scheduled in September and during that month, there will be a new set of Aspiring Voice Artists who will soon join the family in the Mission to Promote Positive Social Change through their voice.

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