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August 14th, 2021 heralds the day of the Certified Voice Artist Program Batch 8 InVOICEtiture Ceremony. 78 VoiceMates were proclaimed as Certified Voice Artists.

Photo credits to: Ranisa Manigsaca & Don Samuelle Buenvenida

The day was filled with joy, excitement, and heart-warming stories because after a month of training and surviving from 36 assignments, the most awaited day of the aspiring voice artists of Batch 8 finally came true.

Hosted once again by the ever-energetic Mr. Richard Abalos (The Rich Voice), co-hosted by CVAP Head Secretariat and the new CVAP Director Mr. Jeff Perey, and a batch 8 member, Christa Moiselle Sajor (XstaVoice), the participants joined the meeting with delight.

Showcased in the celebration is the presentation of the group dubbing prepared by each (I3) group. We’re also not to miss the inspiring messages from the notable individuals in the CVAP family. CVAP Secretariat Member, Mr. Freddie H. Tayoan, gave an inclusive remark that "we are all the voices from the wilderness before we met CVAP." The Batch Head of Batch I, Mr. Rene Toralba, imparts that "the learning doesn't stop, CVAP is just the first step in honing the path" (towards voice artistry). The Program Director, Ms. Nikie Esmero (Voicing Queen) declared her three wishes for the graduates, to have Freedom, Empowerment, and Vision for what they have become and will become. Mr. Pocholo "The VoiceMaster Gonzales," reminds once again the VoiceMates that "we have an unlimited opportunity while we are still alive," and what we do about those opportunities is up to us. CVA Mr. Bryan Dave Perez (Vibrant Voice) shared the perks of being a CVA and the love shared within the CVAP family. CVA Ms. Lyn Gonzales imposed that rejection in auditions is a battle all voice artists face: only those who are brave enough will stay.

Ms. Kathleen Kaye Sone (Voice over Flowers) also had a friendly talk with the VoiceMates and shared some of her tips as a voice artist. One of which is to save voiceovers recording for self-monitoring in the future.

Selected Batch 8 members were given the spotlight to speak and share their voices. They were the ones who have already shined even before graduation, such as Sashi Ruu a.k.a Shiruu, Monique Angelica, Jayjay  Delos Santos , and Coach Andres Diesta Bulay IV, the Batch Head, and Jane M. Lumasag. Shiru has already produced a Voice of the Youth 202I Theme song together with the VoiceMaster. Monique is now the face of the Voice of the News Network. Jay is now recognized as a man with 36 Voices. Andres is now a host who will work with the VoiceMaster. Jane, despite her disability, has been an inspiration that our only limit is ourselves. 

Every VoiceMates has worthy stories to tell, but during the InVOICEtiture, JayJay was the one who touched the heart of all the participants. He even made many, if not all, shed tears because of his life's story. (Curious? Follow them on social media to know their stories.)

Certified Voice Artist Program proudly presents the newly Certified Voice Artists

    1.      Andres Diesta Bulay IV   21-00368

2.      Angela Marie Martinez   21-00369

3.      Angela Nicole M. Gilboy   21-00370

4.      Armel Manto   21-00371

5.      Arvie Cayanan 21-00372

6.      Bannie Bandibas 21-00373

7.      Bernard Francis D. Dumayag 21-00374

8.      Camie Jane Laote   21-00375

9.      Catherine M. Mame    21-00376

10.  Charlene Leo Polo   21-00377

11.  Christa Moiselle Ruiz-Sajor 21-00378

12.  Christian Jaide J. Ducusin   21-00379

13.  Christine Joy B. Ferrer 21-00380

14.  Christine Reyes 21-00381

15.  Clarisse Ann A. Asuncion   21-00382

16.  Cristine Marie Tungcab 21-00383

17.  Divina Gracia S. Orlino 21-00384

18.  Donald Patrick H. Guarin 21-00385

19.  Donald R. Tolentino 21-00386

20.  Edmayelle V. Alforja 21-00387

21.  Eldrick Matthew O. Conwi   21-00388

22.  Eireen Margaret Dames Tiglao 21-00389

23.  Estefan Carl Ronolo 21-00390

24.  Florence Edelmae Alforja 21-00391

25.  Gimmarie B. Reyes 21-00392

26.  Glen Meriam Pastoril   21-00393

27.  Gloria Antuerfia 21-00394

28.  Gray Pesigan 21-00395

29.  Hannah Victoria C. Lacson   21-00396

30.  Ignacio A. Sapalo Jr   21-00397

31.  James Ripalda 21-00398

32.  Jane M. Lumasag   21-00399

33.  Jath D. Bernardino 21-00400

34.  Jayjay Delos Santos   21-00401

35.  Jeffrey Tabanda   21-00402

36.  Jennifer Anne M. Fuentes   21-00403

37.  Jerrylle Nermal-Concepcion    21-00404

38.  Jestoni C. Balibat    21-00405 

39.  Jod Luke R. Eduarte    21-00406

40.  John Derick E. Flores   21-00407

41.  John Lord L. Auman   21-00408

42.  Jude Carlo Gentapan   21-00409

43.  Justin Ellorin Ubilas   21-00410

44.  Jr Dimaano 21-00411

45.  Kendrick L. Mañago   21-00412

46.  Kenneth Kim Villanueva   21-00413

47.  Klyde Marcus H. Largo   21-00414

48.  Krestia Tulip Victoria Y. Llanto   21-00415

49.  Lara Sophia M. Cruz    21-00416

50.  Laurice Vei Cristobal   21-00417

51.  Levicarlo B. Gacos Jr.    21-00418

52.  Lovely Rica L. Abelong 21-00419

53.  Lovelyn V. Sacro    21-00420

54.  Loveline G. Loverez    21-00421

55.  Mai Dela Cruz   21-00422

56.  Maria Katrina C. Tiotangco   21-00423

57.  Maria Luz L. Vrana   21-00424

58.  Marilou Z. Andres   21-00425

59.  Marina J. Baroma   21-00426

60.  Mary Ann R. Guazil   21-00427

61.  Monique Angelika D. Santos    21-00428

62.  Naddie May Orillana-Tejam   21-00429

63.  Noelle Sofia Mison   21-00430

64.  Pedro P. Cosenillo   21-00431

65.  Ray Anthony Valencia   21-00432

66.  Reslybeth Ann O. Sison   21-00433

67.  Rico Virtudazo Sacro   21-00434

68.  Robberson Uriarte   21-00435

69.  Samantha Francezka R. Ocampo 21-00436

70.  Sandra Estrella Palmera 21-00437

71.  Shean Ruselle C. De Castro   21-00438

72.  Shierwin H. Alberio    21-00439

73.  Sherwin Dane Haro   21-00440

74.  Sofia Anne Ortillano    21-00441

75.  Suset Nasareth B. Redillas    21-00442

76.  Winkie Jeanne Alih 21-00443

77.  Yen M. Bayotas    21-00444

78.  Zsam Melvy R. Cayetano   21-00445


These 78 VoiceMates have already come a long way, but their journey as Voice Artists just began.

 CVAP Batch 8 is now ready to gear victory in the Voice Artistry. They now rise to prove that someone out there needs to hear their voice. No one will stop, because just like the VoiceMaster said, “If we stop, everything will stop.”

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Camie Jane Laote is a senior student at Bicol University College of Arts and Letters. A part-time freelance writer, a volunteer intern at Creativoices Productions, and a Certified Voice Artist.

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