Volunteers Journey to VOTY Awards 2021

In celebration of its 25th year anniversary on August 12, the Voice of the Youth (VOTY) Network will give recognition to the Top 10 Outstanding Volunteers of the Year.

The 10 Outstanding Volunteers of the Year award aimed to honor youth leaders who demonstrate effective leadership skills, youth sharing time and experiences, as well as contributing their knowledge and talents throughout the community through volunteerism.

Upon the announcement of the search for the Top 10, there were a total of 103 applicants aiming for the awards.

For the nominations in the first phase of the competition, the applicants were screened by Bryan Perez, the Managing Director of VOTY Network, Harlem Jude Ferolino, the Executive Director and Station Manager of VOTY Network, and Tumnic Balabat, the Awards Committee Director of the Certified Voice Artist - Philippines.

The first panel of judges assessed the applicant based on credentials sent by them as well as their leadership skills, youth involvement and services, and values. 

The applicants were also judged by their answers on the written assessment.

After the first screening, only 52 contestants remained to continue their journey to the semis of the search.

The second phase of the screening was assessed by Lyn Gonzales, the Official Voicecaster, CreatiVoices Productions, Renan Gonzales, Opportunities and Partnerships Lead, Online SDG Youth Action Forum, and Jaz Estorninos, the Sales and Marketing Chairperson, Certified Voice Artist - Philippines based on the applicant's submitted video presentation of their works, their youth involvement and service, leadership skills, values, and confidence.

From the Top 50, only 26 contestants were moving toward to face the final round of the search.

The panel of judges for the last round of the screening were from different esteemed organizations that were known for their devotion to serving others by volunteering.

The remaining finalists will face a live interview with the judges and the individuals with high marks on the interview will be chosen as the Top 10 Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.

"Congratulations to all who made it to the 26 Finalists of the VOTY Awards. The process of selecting the participants in the semi-finals and finals has not been easy because everyone participated well. For those who have not made it to the next phase, remember that this is not the basis of your personality and character. This may not be the right time and opportunity for you but one day, it will come for you too. To our finalists, give your best and good luck in the final round," said Bryan Perez, the Managing Director of VOTY Network.

Look forward to the Top 10 Outstanding Volunteer of the Year on August 12.


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