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Certified Voice Artist Program Day 4

    Today is the 4th day or the 4th week of the Certified Voice Artist Program, it is the last week of the beginning of new possibilities. I have learned a lot, from the lectures from those past weeks, and today, our guest speaker is Ma'am Lyn Gonzales, shares to us that it is not the end, but it is just the beginning of the learning. She shows us the list of possibilities and the opportunities that may come in our way, just like what happened to those from the first batch of CVAP.

    But before that Sir Richard and Sir Jeffrey, discuss some key points for us to use our voice properly when reading the script. They clearly meant make us to understand the fact that even though the voice truly fits the standard male or female voice, it is still not enough if clients don't agree to it.

    The main thing that will help us in this industry is to teach ourselves to improve, by recording ourselves. So that we can look back and see what should we improve. Aside from reading words properly, we should know also how to read a whole sentence and paragraphs, it is on how we read those commonly used marks in the script. Also, the importance of the gestures while acting. It will help the delivery of the words that may help us to be heard sincerely.

    After that Ma'am Lyn takes the mic immediately to share with us the experience if we stay and continue our journey under the CVAP family. She shows us several options that we may choose after our graduation at CVAP. First, " Stay in the loop, in spite or despite of…" Second, "Leave it and do it on your own" Lastly, "Forget it because you still have some things to do" She let us digest the opportunities when we stay under the CVAP family and makes us understand the reality that in this industry, we should do it a thousand times before we can make it. She also mentioned that " Talent, will get you in the door, but the character will keep you in the room" great speech by the way.

    After that Ma'am Nikie congratulates us quickly and passes the mic to Sir Pocholo immediately, and Sir Pocholo shares his studio, or the CreativeSound Studios, on how they built it. He shows us Vlogs that tour us inside of the studio and how high the quality of his equipment is, and he informs us some of the specs of the equipment and its use. And in some way, Sir Pocholo asks me to share my experience in his studio while I'm on my internship program at Creativoices Productions. So I share my experience for just a minute.

    After that Ma'am Nikie takes the mic and discusses the importance of our branding. How important it is to protect our brand, and how should we promote it. I've learned so many tips and hacks. Until we came to the distribution of sites that also serve as the field where the clients and the voice artist will meet.

    I've learned the importance of the internet, although I already knew most of it, today it encourages me to be consistent and updated to those sites and social media accounts. To protect my branding and to promote myself.

    While some of BR mates are performing the afternoon activity, at the same time I attend my Entrepreneurial Mind Class, and it is funny because it is the date of my reporting and still I'm in the zoom meeting for CVAP and Google Meeting for our class, and fortunately for me, it all went well, it is a remarkable day.

    It is not because it is the last day of CVAP or anything, it is just, I used to believed that everything that happens is just the beginning of something.

This is The Voice Meal… Casey Neil De Guzman, I'm not signing off, I'm starting on!

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