MKZvoices - Reaction to Sir Danny Mandia's Speech

 Its not everyday that we get to hear from the master himself. For Sir Danny "AMA" Mandia, his presence alone is enough to inspire us all. He has produced various talents in his lifetime, one of them is the VoiceMaster himself, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales. And it warms my heart at how proud Sir Danny is of him, like how a father is proud of his own son. Imagine being trained by the Master himself, it must've been such an honor! 😊

He first shared his humble beginnings, and all of us 90's kids got all excited when he mentioned all those classic shows from our childhood. It was like taking a quick trip down memory lane and it made me realize how voice acting has improved since then. Before equipments were pretty much limited, however that didn't stop these talented artists from producing quality content. If you listen to them today, I don't think there'd be any difference at all. 

He also thought us about the harsh truth about the industry. Being a voice artist is currently one of the most in-demand jobs today, as one could easily make money from the comfort of their own home. But being easy doesn't always mean good. Since this job is in-demand, it would also mean a lot of competitors. And for an aspiring voice artist like me, we have to be unique in order for clients to hire us. Something that would make us stand out from the others.

And another harsh truth about the industry is how far others will go just to achieve their goal. Sadly deception is common amongst voice artists. If they see another VA succeed, expect scrutiny and jealousy. Here at CVAP the word deception doesn't exist, but instead we use the term unity. We are all united because of our passion to let our voice be heard by others. And by being united we stand stronger than ever. There is more power in unity than division.

Lastly, a voice artist must learn how to take criticism. We must be open to suggestions as these will help us improve in the future. No hard feelings, just an open mind. 

To put it all together, Sir Danny Mandia's talk really inspired us to be better voice artists in the future. His words of wisdom resonated with us, and we promise to do our best. After all we are given a gift, and we must use this gift for the greater good. 

Thank you for reading! 

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