MKZvoices - Finding Your Inner Voice (CVAP Day 2)


Hey folks! We have now officially made it to DAY 2 of the Certified Voice Artist Program. Can you believe it? Time really does fly when you're having fun. I've already learned so much from the first day that I'm already looking forward to the upcoming lessons. 😊

For this week our lesson mostly focused on proper voice care, using the right technique, and finding the right niche. It is important that every aspiring voice artist must know all of these lessons, as they will be quite beneficial for their future careers. 

Each voice artist has a sound thats completely unique to them. One may have a raspy voice, while the other may have a sultry voice, and so on. However these differences shouldn't be a hindrance at all. It all comes down to voice artist themselves on how they would utilize their own talent. Sure, imitating is okay, but focusing on your own voice seems more logical.

With regards to our current lesson, I actually found a vocal warm up tutorial video on youtube: I read this every time before I start recording, as it helps with the proper pronunciation & enunciation. 

Being an effective voice artist means convincing your audience. To be able to play the part, you must sound the part. After all, they won't be seeing our faces but rather hear our voices. 

For our activity we had to introduce ourselves using three character voices. My apologies to group 7 since I only read my part instead of acting 😥 I'm not really that much of an expert when it comes to character impersonations since I only have limited voice range. But with enough practice, I hope I'd be able to do more impersonations in the future. 

And as per usual, we had new sets of assignments for us to accomplish. Luckily I was done with our Week 1 assignments! For this Week2, we had to do character voices, create a monologue, create an avp of your life, write a letter to your future self, and of lastly create a vlog & blog. 

Just like that, another session has ended. Already looking forward to Week 3 & 4! Bring it on!

Mau aka MKZvoices

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