The VOTY Theme Song – Now on Spotify!

By: Roshaolin Nuqui (14 Feb 2022)


(Graphics by Kristian Mamaril)

Get on the groove, be addicted, and turn on your chill-cool vibe with the VOTY theme song starting this day on Spotify.

Voice of the Youth (VOTY) Network has been empowering youths since 1996 and is a platform founded by Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales. It is a network that encourages the youth to develop their self-esteem and have an improved quality of life through leadership, advocacy and education.

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The VOTY Theme Song–Song of Next Generation (S.O.N.G.) is a new version of the “Youth Power Song” sung by Brenan Espartinez and was composed by The VoiceMaster way back 2005. It is part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of the Voice of the Youth Network and was launched last year, 8th of August 2021, via YouTube. This inspiring and empowering song was produced and directed by The VoiceMaster, composed and arranged by the music producer and singer-songwriter Shiruu, co-written by Harlem Jude “Papa Lem” Ferolino, and performed by Shiruu, Papa Lem and Mitzie Coleen Eleanor Aguinaldo with additional vocals from CreativSingers’ Jolz Bueno and Ydlaz Garcia.

This passionate and up-beat song will inspire and make you realize that you can unlock your potential despite your circumstances in life. What's more with the song is that it bridges to challenge your soul for extending your hand and honing the mind through resonating and delivering the message of empowerment and mission of Voice of the Youth (VOTY) Network to be informed and to be an advocate of positivity. A perfect theme song indeed!

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A catchy, remarkable and a must-add to your playlist! This meaningful song will not only ignite your soul and dreams but will also make you dance to its wonderful beat. The VOTY Theme Song–Song of Next Generation (S.O.N.G.) will be available today, 14th of February 2022, on Spotify! So whether you are still young or feeling young, listen and be inspired.

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