Life Beyond Disability: CVAs that Make an Impact to PH

 By: Racquel Sarah A. Castro, CVA

They say that it is you who limits yourself. Being a person with a disability is an everyday struggle. Facing every judgment of people that don't know you and seeing just the surface of your personality requires a lot of patience, guts and faith at the same time. I had a fair share of challenges caused by strangers; but I continue and move forward because I have God in my journey. 

Pocholo De Leon Gonzales
The Voice Master of the Philippines

In the Certified Voice Artist Program, it opened its doors to persons with disabilities. Founder, Mr. Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, gives hope to all aspiring voice artists including the persons with disabilities sector. He redefined the acronym PWD as Power, Wisdom, and Dynamism.

Power: As persons with disabilities, we have the power to inform, inspire, and influence others more for we have impactful stories to tell.

Wisdom: Experience is the best teacher. The pain fuels us to share our wisdom to other people especially when it comes from the Lord.

Dynamism: Aside from being wise, the sector focuses on being adaptable to change that creates dynamic leadership.

Notable CVAs with Disabilities

Maj Ferreria, CVA

Maria Ferreria, Facial Paralysis. Mommy Maj as what we call her is a volunteer writer of the She also has a good singing voice. She believed that life is short, live to serve God and love others

Gloria Antuerfia, CVA

Gloria Antuerfia, Polio. Mommy Glo reached out to her fellow persons with disabilities to become part of CVAP. Her influence is a breath of fresh air. Quoted a verse in Jeremiah 29, her life is anchored in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a good future”. She also added this powerful phrase, Disability to possibility 

Mark Doctama, CVA

Mark  T. Doctama, Orthopedic. Kuya Mark is our graphics designer. He also suggested several tricks on web designs. He challenged us to Turn Your Disability into an opportunity 

Fellie Ruelo, CVA

Fellie Ruelo, Polio. Ate Fellie was a batch mate from batch 11. She is now one of the hosts of the PWD show in VG8 Radio with Mommy Glo, Sir Rommel.

Jane Baltazar, CVA

Jane C. Baltazar, Amputee. Ate Jane believed that whether we failed or succeeded, congratulations! At least we tried when others didn't!

Lynzzy Togane, CVA

Rizalina S.Togane, Orthopedic. One of my fave Ate, Lynzzy, who has a fun tik tok channel. She has this positive aura that is contagious. 

Ramil Jaictin, CVA

Ramil Jaictin, Orthopedic. Kuya Ramil believe that Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails - Proverbs 19:21

Rommel Arellano, CVA

Rommel E. Arellano, Orthopedic. Who can forget the happiest person in the Philippines by Cebuana Lhuillier. This power man is a guidance counselor and a motivational speaker. He believed that We may not be able to change our condition but we can change our situation.

Jane Lumasag, CVA

Jane M. Lumasag, Orthopedic. Our beauty queen has a positive vibe that is truly empowering. Anchored by the saying that Don't let your IMPERFECTIONS hinder you to be your BEST version, this power woman is one of the hosts of a radio program in VG8 radio.

Racquel Castro, CVA

Seeing these persons with disabilities thrive to get their CVAs is truly inspiring. This is Your Tech Savvy Voice, Racquel Castro, your IT consultant reporting towards a main goal; to let you, yes you, know that we treat our disabilities as blessings from the Lord. I might have cerebral palsy but God intended me to do great things. 



  1. "People with disabilities are usually the strongest, most courageous, and wonderful people."
    Aside from being an advocate for my 9year oldest granddaughter who had the condition called, Autism Spectrum Disorder, most of you are not aware that I am also a person with a disability. I had Bells Palsy more than 10 years ago, doctors ruled out it might be due to viral infection or stroke, and this caused damage to my left side facial nerves. Thank God 80% of my facial nerves were back to normal and as you can see my left side-eye is smaller than the other, it hampered my speaking ability and I had difficulty making a full smile. So this significantly impacted my psychological well-being, including low-esteem. I feel embarrassed about my physical appearance this is why it was so hard for me at first to do the video recordings for our assignments in CVAP. But guess what, now you can see me singing and talking on videos with great confidence. CVAP was the turning point of my life and career. I am forever thankful to sir@Pocholo De Leon Gonzales for this big break and awesome experience.

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