How CVAP Help You: Transforming Lives One Voice Artist at a Time

 By: Racquel Sarah A. Castro, MSIT, CVA

They claim that you are the one who restricts yourself. Being a person with a disability is a constant battle. Facing every criticism of those who don't know you and only viewing the surface of your personality takes a lot of patience, bravery, and trust. I've had my fair share of difficulties brought on by strangers who don't know me, but I keep going because I have God on my side.

It was a blessing that I came across the Certified Voice Artist Program. Why? For it changes the lives of the persons with disabilities sector in a large aspect of the word “change”. 

Power: As people with disabilities, we have the ability to enlighten, inspire, and influence others more because we have powerful stories to share.

Wisdom: The finest teacher is experience. Pain motivates us to share our expertise with others, especially when it comes from the Lord.

Dynamism: In addition to wisdom, the industry emphasizes adaptability to change, which results in dynamic leadership.

We asked some of our PWD CVAs how CVAP Changed their lives… here are their responses:

Gloria Antuerfia with Orthopedic Disability, Values Teacher, Psychologist and Public Servant: “Joining CVAP is a very challenging one for me with a thrill not to showcase my talent and skills but to unleash my potential and gain self confidence as an advocate and volunteer using my voice and to  promote voice acting as an art. CVAP helped me cross the things I thought of my limitations because of my disability. After I graduate CVAP Batch 8 in August 2021 i become more active with speaking engagement, hosting online & face to face even on on a broadcast studio pro-bono and paid projects outside CVAP, guesting invitation online, as resource speaker, webinars/trainings/workshop from PWD groups local and international, explore my advocacy thru volunteerism 7x a week, widened my knowledge and learnings in the world of voice artistry and more. And very grateful to Sir Pocholo De Leon Gonzales The Voice Master of the pPhilippines for given me the chance to manage and be the main host of the VG8 RADIO program TV PGT The Voice of PWeDe GOT TALENT and as one of the host in TV PWD The Voice of PWD Power, Wisdom and Dynamism and to the the Head Team of PWD's under CVAP, Audio Book project head for PWD and Radio Drama Productions more opportunities to come along the way. I become, I believe, I am to create positive social change using my voice and to create the culture of sharing, giving loving and caring for empowerment and inclusion that no one is left behind

Fellie Ruelo Ortho/Polio "CVAP has helped me a lot in the many aspects of my life. Through volunteerism, joining  as a regular host in VG8 Radio Programs like The Voice of PWD - Power, Wisdom and Dynamism (TV PWD) and The Voice of PWeDe Got Talent (TV PGT), I was able to increase my self-confidence and gradually develop my public speaking skills. Not only it helped me fulfill my goals for self-development but it also paved a way for me  to deliver and serve my purpose to inspire people in the mainstream like those who watch our online shows and also to my voice mates who have the great desire to make their dreams come true through CVAP. I will do my very best to listen, reach out  and lend a helping hand to those who may need my help especially to my fellow PWDs.

And yes, there will be many obstacles along the way but with the  CVAP Mantra that has already been instilled in my heart and mind, I will surely overcome them as I will always be guided, committed, empowered so I would be able to continue to learn and grow as we altogether work hard for our dreams. And I know that it is do-able. I become, I believe, I am...


Jane C. Baltazar, Ortho/ Amputee: CVAP helps me a lot to do the impossible things. It gives me confidence to speak,to convey what I want to relate,and to communicate and mingle with different kinds of people.   

Gulliver J. Enverga, visually impaired: CVAP helped me boost my confidence in myself. Now I am a DJ at an online radio station.

Kris Esper Trinidad, Cerebral Palsy: CVAP helped me boost my confidence which I am lacking and CVAP made my dream to be a Writer come true.

Jacqueline Wong, Psychosocial: It's been a while since I've lost my way, always just drifting about and had nowhere to go, nowhere to belong either. At some point in that pathless life I got to know CVAP. Being able to do something made me feel like I have some purpose in life. Whenever they talked about being a family in CVAP I'd thought I'd have a place to belong somehow. And it's just so wonderful to meet a lot of different people in CVAP and be further encouraged by their energy and love for living and as well as helping others. 

Jeffrey Bulabog, Right Hand Amputee: CVAP helped me to trust my own voice and to boost my self-esteem. CVAP helped me to believe in myself again.

Zenaida Olahay Aquino,  Half Visually impaired: It helps boost my confidence, appreciate my capabilities and fully accept who I am.

Venies Jona F. Jerusalem, Low Vision  Retinitis Pigmentosa: Through CVAP, I was able to gain knowledge and skills in voice overs. The program has taught me to be more confident in speaking and learned about the industry of voice acting.

Jeremiah Oblea, Visually Impaired: CVAP helped me with my voice. It also helped me step up as a leader by being resilient and making sure the show must go on.

Leo Martin Cellan, Partially Visually Impaired: CVAP helped me try to cross the things I thought were my limits. Working with VOTY as a volunteer (as accepted by Papalem) was a comfort as youth with a network of advocates. I may not be seen in VOTY because I was connected with other networks yet I wrote some content which was not only helpful to the broadcast but to the audiences more. Attending CVAP years later was a thrill. I joined batch 8 and lost my devices on a trip that led me to fall submitting my assignments yet batch 13 was a sweeter one. Being a CVA is a challenge not to prove myself and my talents but to join the people promoting voice acting as an art. 

Christopher S. Molin, Orthopedic:Through Certified Voice Artist Program ignited again my songwriting skills and composed a song for CVAP and jingle already submitted and had the opportunity as guest co-host The Voice of PWeDe GOT TALENT on VG8 RADIO last August 13. Explore my advocacy in the ministry as an inspirational and motivational speaker and as a PWD leader and church leader using my voice for God's glory.

Antonio D. Punzalan Jr, Visually impaired: CVAP has helped me by rekindling my hope that there could be an opportunity for both the PWDs and the mainstream of society to merge through voice artistry and the different employment possibilities that could come along with it.

Danilo Don Pagdagdagan, cerebral palsy: Through the certified voice artist program, it ignited again my songwriting skills through that program I composed a song for cvap song and cvap jingle I was able and had a opportunity as a guest co host The voice PWeDe got talent last August 13, 2022

There are certainly no boundaries when you are ready to achieve your goals and aspirations in life. This is your Tech Savvy Voice, Racquel Sarah A. Castro, MSIT, CVA saying, “With God, all things are possible.”

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