Finding Joy in Voice Artistry: Andrew San Fernando, aka 'Kuya Bonjing,' Opens Up About His Journey


In the bustling world of voice artistry, where every vocal nuance counts, one man has made a name for himself and continues to inspire others through his remarkable journey. Meet Andrew San Fernando, known to many as Kuya Bonjing, whose passion for voice acting has not only brought him happiness but has also paved the way for countless opportunities in the world of radio and dubbing.

A Humble Beginning

Born and raised in Manila, Andrew's journey into the realm of voice artistry began with a simple invitation to speak at a school event. Sir Pocholo, The VoiceMaster De Leon Gonzales, was the guest speaker, and little did Andrew know that this encounter would change the course of his life. With courage and determination, he took the stage, trying out various voices and accents, even though he was far from mastering them. This brave step earned him a scholarship under Sir Pocholo's guidance, leading him into the world of voice acting.

Andrew pursued a degree in Broadcasting Communication at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, but it was the passion for voice that truly ignited his career. From hosting radio programs to immersing himself in dubbing and voice-over projects, Andrew honed his craft diligently. He even ventured into the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry for a brief period as a trainer, before eventually deciding to follow his true passion.

Currently, Andrew shines as a radio jock on iFM 93.9, Manila, where he entertains listeners alongside Ate Julia Bareta. Additionally, he continues to contribute his voice to dubbing projects at CreatiVoices Production.

One of Andrew's proudest moments in his career was when he lent his voice to Pinoy Big Brother 737, dubbing the unforgettable character Orby. His involvement in this iconic show marked a significant milestone in his voice acting journey.

Andrew's vision extends beyond personal success; he aspires to see the Philippines recognized on the global stage for its voice talent, much like Japan. He dreams of a future where Filipino voices are celebrated and respected worldwide, providing countless opportunities for aspiring voice artists.

Andrew offers several invaluable tips:

1. Embrace Failure and Rejection: Andrew advises aspiring voice artists to let go of their fear of failure and rejection. Instead, view these setbacks as opportunities for growth and improvement.

2. Continuously Innovate: Voice artistry is a dynamic field. Andrew encourages artists to continuously innovate and refine their craft. Mastery comes from ongoing learning and development.

3. Build Confidence: Confidence is key to success in the voice industry. Many talented individuals miss out on opportunities simply because they lack the confidence to showcase their abilities. Andrew emphasizes the importance of building confidence in one's skills.

4. Network and Connect: Building a network of supportive individuals is crucial. Seek out mentors and collaborators who share your passion. Andrew credits Sir Pocholo for his impact on his life and career.

5. Pay It Forward: Andrew believes in giving back to the community. As you progress in your career, help others develop their talents and skills. A thriving voice industry benefits from the growth of its members.

6. Choose Happiness: In the pursuit of a career, Andrew advises aspiring artists to prioritize their happiness. If faced with a choice between financial stability and passion, he suggests following one's heart and taking the leap into the unknown.

Andrew San Fernando's journey is a testament to the power of passion, persistence, and the pursuit of happiness. As he continues to make waves in the world of voice artistry, he leaves behind a trail of inspiration for those who dare to dream big and follow their hearts. In his words, "There's no way but up… Huwag kang mawawalan ng pag-asa, tuloy-tuloy lang.”

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