Meet the CreatiVoicers Behind the Filipino Dub of "The Amazing Digital Circus"

 Meet the CreatiVoicers Behind the Filipino Dub of "The Amazing Digital Circus"

By: The VoiceMaster

 "The Amazing Digital Circus," an Australian-American computer-animated comedy-horror phenomenon, has not only captured audiences with its engaging narrative and impeccable animation but has also exploded in popularity online. With its pilot episode amassing over 50 million views on YouTube and #theamazingdigitalcircus achieving more than 925 million views on TikTok, it's evident that the show is nothing short of a viral sensation. Its meteoric rise has seen the birth of a passionate fandom, inspiring a surge of fan art, memes, videos, and even sparking debates and discourse on various platforms.

The series, an indie creation by animator/composer Gooseworx and produced by the animation studio Glitch, introduces viewers to a group of strangers trapped in a virtual world by a sinister artificial intelligence named Caine. Despite its vibrant and whimsical aesthetic, the series delves deep into dark themes and unsettling narratives.

The acclaim it has received is multifaceted. The Filipino rendition, in particular, has been lauded for its authenticity and stellar voice work. Spearheaded by CreatiVoices Productions and Certified Voice Artists Philippines Inc., this Filipino dub boasts of a talented ensemble guided by the discerning hand of **The VoiceMaster of the Philippines**, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales.




- Janeane “The Golden Voice” Santos: The versatile artist responsible for the voices of Pomni, Ragatha, and Bubble. Recounting her experience, Janeane mentions, "Voicing Pomni was challenging due to the myriad of emotions the character embodies. While you must remain true to the character, there's a constant imaginative play of being in that fictional universe." Beyond voice acting, Janeane lent her vocal prowess to the Filipino version of TADC’s theme song.


- Boggs “Voice Supremacy” Francia: The chosen voice for Caine, Boggs was The VoiceMaster's prime choice. He playfully notes, "Yeah…It sounds a lot like me." Pocholo added, "If you juxtapose the original English and Filipino renditions, you'd be convinced it's the same voice."


- Jayjay “Enerjay Voice” Delos Santos: The vibrant voice behind Kinger. Sharing his connection with his character, Jayjay says, "Kinger's jovial nature makes him a joy to voice, and I wear that role with pride."


- Mac “Voice of Magic” Florendo: Breathing life into the mysterious Gloink Queen. Reflecting on his role, Mac shares, "Being a supporting character didn't deter me. I committed wholeheartedly to become Gloink Queen, ensuring I enjoyed every moment."


Supplementing this brilliant team are Jennifer Friolo voicing Gangle, Bryan Dave Perez portraying Jax, and Pinky Rebucas giving her voice to Zooble.


Furthermore, the success of the dub wouldn't be complete without mentioning **Karmina Dionisio**, the head dubbing engineer, ensuring the technical precision and quality of the Filipino version.


Expressing his pride, The VoiceMaster states, "This project fills me with immense pride, both as its dubbing director and producer. Its uniqueness sets it apart, and I believe it's a gem in the animation world."


A stalwart in the voice industry, The Voice Master has groomed countless voice talents and broadcasters in the Philippines, guiding them to their zenith through the Certified Voice Artist Program.


Released on October 14, the pilot episode of TADC rapidly garnered a massive 38 million views in just a week! Experience this Filipino auditory delight by switching the audio track to Filipino on YouTube: [link].



For CreatiVoicers and CVAP, their mission goes beyond just dubbing. They venerate voice acting as an art and harness their voices to foster positive societal change. If you harbor dreams of voice artistry, begin your journey at


Tips for Aspiring Voice Artists:

If the CreatiVoicers' journey inspires you to venture into voice acting, here are some key pointers:


1. **Nurture Your Passion**: Beyond technique, it's your ardor that will propel you.

2. **Practice Relentlessly**: Train your voice consistently, like any instrument.

3. **Dive Deep into Characters**: Engage deeply with their emotions and narratives.

4. **Welcome Feedback**: Constructive criticism is your roadmap to refinement.

5. **Stay on the Learning Curve**: Enroll in workshops, attend seminars, and find mentors.

6. **Network Relentlessly**: In this industry, connections can open many doors.

7. **Adaptability is Key**: Each role is a new challenge. Flex your voice to fit.

8. **Stay Grounded**: Relish in your triumphs, but remain ever-eager to learn and evolve.


Given the enormous traction and fervor surrounding "The Amazing Digital Circus," it's poised to remain a prominent fixture in animation. As it continues its trajectory, one can only anticipate what lies ahead for this digital marvel.

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