The Creative Voices Show: Build a New Door for Opportunity!

Most of the businesses today are gravely affected by the crisis we are currently facing. There has been a lot of disruption and delays in the operations of business sectors. One, in particular, is communication. Fortunately, there are social media platforms such as Facebook and web teleconferencing apps like Zoom. Through these platforms, companies continue to connect their people. These apps are not just used by companies but to regular citizens as well. (Or should I say, netizens?) With people now online, new communities of people who share their interests are formed.

If that is the case, does this mean that we are now in an era called the “New Normal”? 

Well, for Pocholo Gonzales, also known as “VoiceMaster of the Philippines,” it is a big YES!

What is the new normal again? New normal is a situation after some dramatic change has transpired. It encourages someone to deal with current situations rather than lamenting what could have been. And truly, after this pandemic, a lot has changed. We can never go back to the way it was before.

To explain visually, this could be the new normal:

For him, now that people are more engaged in social media, now is the perfect time to build a new door for opportunity. He believes that our current situation is called the “Great Realization.” He realized that it is time to step into a new level of communication through the program. Thus, the birth of “The Creative Voicers Show!”

What is The Creative Voicers Show?

The Creative Voicers Show is a Facebook Live show held every Mondays through Fridays from 7 pm to 8 pm. The show presents various topics each day, such as Youtube Mondays, Voiceover Tuesdays, Hugot Wednesdays, Talentadong Thursdays, and Realtalk Fridays.

The program invites rising stars online as guests and content creators for an interview and have a casual discussion about their life and experiences. It also provides online content that is not only for fun but to give inspiration to its viewers as well.

Richard Abalos, one of the program hosts, shared that it is his first time hosting a show. He said that through this program, he “wants to show people that they can be whatever they want in life as long as they put it in the hard work, and that availability is the best ability.”

Why The Creative Voicers Show is a ‘Must See’ Program?

As most of us are now staying at home and looking for things that interest us, the Creative Voicers Show is a perfect program. This could easily fit our interest as it gives us fun yet full of moral value contents. The program is sure to inspire a lot of people because it presents different stories that are truly amazing.

Yet, aside from providing amazing and inspiring content, what really makes this a “must-see” program? Well, there is one thing that makes this program remarkable - it builds a new door for opportunity.

Building a New Door for Opportunity

“If opportunities don’t knock, build a door.”

The above-mentioned quote from an American comedian Milton Berle is what Pocholo would like to give to its audience. He is trying to build and open a door for new opportunities in spite of the crisis we are currently in.

While televisions have limited shows to offer and physical contact is still not encouraged, the new normal will force the people to look for something new and will be introduced to a new norm that would offer them a new form of entertainment.

So together with his team, Pocholo believes that a dark tunnel has its end in which a brighter future awaits everyone. That is why The Creative Voicers Show is created.

This new form of entertainment will offer netizens a new approach to communication in which interaction has no limits. Although entertainment is the focus of the program, it is safe to say that it will be a big opportunity for the netizens to learn from the people in the program because it will be easy for them to connect with the topics.

With you knowing all these things about The Creative Voicers Show, I think it is also the best time to challenge you.

Are you ready for the changes that the new normal would bring? If yes, then I suggest that it is the best for you to start entering the new door of opportunities that they built here!
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