#VoiceActingDay: Promoting and Creating a Culture of Voice Arists

Have you tried imitating the voice of your favorite celebrity or cartoon character? How about singing using different voices? If your answer is yes, then Congratulations! You’re one of a kind with your extraordinary way of thinking.

I know it sounds weird, but hey, believe me! Nothing is wrong with you. In fact, it is a good sign that you are a talented and creative person like others. Your crazy mind might be the key to unlock your inner and hidden talent.

You heard it right! You’re not the only one gifted enough to do voiceovers or impersonations of different voices. And guess what? You can see them everywhere! And, this voice acting day proves it!

Who Is Behind this Trend?

You might be wondering who is behind this stuff. Well, there is only one person behind it, and he is one of a kind (or I should say “legendary”).

Enters, Pocholo Gonzales. In case you didn’t know him, he is the one and only VoiceMaster of the Philippines. His commitment to the art of voice acting fueled him to do something entirely different. That is to open the voice acting industry and inspire those who have the passion and dream to be a part of it.

To fulfill this dream, he decided to set the 7th day of May, a very special day of his life, as the official day to celebrate Voice Acting Day. Through this celebration, Pocholo aims to promote and create a culture that would unveil the skills of aspiring voice talents.

Voice Acting Day: Promoting and Creating a Culture of Voice Talent

Pocholo’s dedication to the art of voice acting drives him to come up with his vision of sharing his knowledge with others by creating a culture for voice talents or better said as “voice artists.”

For him, it is not just an ordinary celebration, because it is a day to celebrate the culture of voice artists that promotes the importance of voice as a form of art. It is also a celebration that gives life to the industry of voice acting.

This celebration is not only meant to promote the art of voice acting. Pocholo also wants to inspire the masses through this celebration. He wants this celebration to serve as a medium for creating remarkable connections to others.

Now, if you’re thinking of celebrating with us, this is how you do it:

Interesting, right? Well, it’s never too late! If you think that you’re one of a kind like them, I think you should grab your camera, record yourself, do some voice acting in 3, 2, 1, action!

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