5 Profound Lessons CVAP Teach Aspiring Voice Artists



As the field of voice production industry expands in the Philippines, the opportunities for voice actors and audio production are escalating, as well. In this changing age, the Certified Voice Artist Program or CVAP, which has been passionately created by the one and only Voice Master of the Philippines, Sir Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, serves the primary purpose of passing on the principles and culture that have been fostered in the field of voice acting. It is a comprehensive 4-Saturday Program that provides diverse learning so that you can enjoy strong fundamentals for performance. 

In case you didn’t know, CVAP will be celebrating its 1st anniversary on June 20 of this year! It has helped open opportunities for many aspiring voice artists and made a huge noise in the industry. It values unrecognized or under-recognized talents. It has supported scriptwriters, dubbers, singers, producers, directors, hosts, and performers over the years. More so, it finds ways for the members of this community who share their strength, vulnerability, ambition, and potential to take up more space, to use their voices, and to make great art that forefront their lives. Indeed, this sense of moral responsibility infuses everything this program produces and supports. 

This article will dive into the 5 profound effects of CVAP on the lives of many. Take special note of them. They are more extensive and important than you recognize. As you think of them, consider how many of these advantages are unique to CVAP graduates and that they have far more advantages than others.  


1. Better quality work – your skills do not just improve simply through repetition. Workshops like the Certified Voice Artist Program are an important aspect of voice acting. Programs like this save you time by teaching you how to manage your voice and can even help you identify your talents as well as areas where you can develop them.

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2. Commitment and Motivation - Being involved in CVAP classes demands commitment and motivation. You probably already possess these qualities. By having these precious qualities, we teach each other that success comes to those who are committed to the task at hand.
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3. Knowing how to listen - listening is a skill for any job and an employer will respect your ability to listen and comprehend. If you don’t listen, you’re likely to make some major errors that will damage the production. CVAP teaches you the importance of rules, a concept that’s valued in any organization.
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4. Acceptance of disappointment and the ability to bounce back – Certified Voice Artists learn to deal with rejections and dashed hopes on a regular basis. Who hasn’t failed, anyway? In CVAP, you learn to accept that kind of disappointment and move on. You try again because, in reality, clients need artists who are resilient enough to bounce back from this kind of frustration.
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5. Adaptability and flexibility - Voice Artists must be adaptable and flexible. You need to be willing to try new ideas, accept new challenges, and have the ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions and situations because change is the only constant in this world! A voice artist who is versatile and flexible is highly valued by most employers. Both traits prove that you are able and willing to learn new things.

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Indeed, it is vital in the current times of uncertainty for us all to use the power of our voices to envision the world we want to live in. Join us in this endeavor, celebrate the 1st Anniversary of CVAP, and let your voice be heard!
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