CVAP: Creating the New Generation of Online Voice Artists




 On this pandemic day, the coronavirus has forced us to stop doing things we used to do, such as limiting business travel, reducing in-person office time, closure of some establishments, and forcing some employees to work from home to keep the business running. Even the rich and the famous stop what they are doing outside their respective homes, as well as Sir Pocholo Gonzales the CEO and the creator of CVAP (Certified Voice Artist Program) the CVA, (Certified Voice Artists) and all aspiring voice artist. No one is exempted, all of the people in the world suffer from this pandemic. Good thing we have the technology. 

    Technology is making doing business easier, effective, efficient and more productive. Most households now have a set of internet connections and a computer, as well as endless upgrading of cellphones. You are ready to go as long as you have an internet connection on your computer or a cellphone with a data network. You can survive the boredom being on the house most of the time. 

    For the CEO and the owner of CVAP (Certified Voice Artist Program) for Sir Pocholo pandemic is just a challenge, he thinks and thinks in so many ways about what he should do, to help aspiring voice artists make their dreams come true, for the CVAs to grow more and to continue what he started, and "THAT IS TO HELP". One of many ways that Sir Pocholo did is to have an online CVAP (Certified Voice Artist Program), and as of writing I myself is from Batch 7.


Not all CVAs are experts at using technology; there are numerous factors to consider, including the need to do more and have more and more patience. 

The main problem our CVAs encountered are:

1. Internet Connection -No need to explain them. We are all experiencing internet interruptions.

2. Software Application -Not all CVAs particularly newly graduated CVAs knows how to use the needed software for Voice Over, such as Adobe Audition, Audacity, and some video editing software. 

3. Hardware Equipment -Because of the pandemic, not all our CVAs can afford to buy the required microphones and can make a mini studio (BUT THIS IS NOT NECESSARY. As per Sir Pocholo, as long as you can record your voice loud and clear, you are good to go. The only requirement he required for us is a good microphone).

And since our CVAs are all kindhearted, we help each other, from the smallest problem up to gigantic, we will be able to resolve it. CVAP is family, not a program. We are connected not because of the internet connection, but because of Sir Pocholo. He is the bridge, and this pandemic is just a pandemic. We are the CVAP Family.

Here are some testimonials from our CVAs about the accessibility of technology as a CVA, and whether or not it helps them. 

TUMNIC BALABAT (Nick of Voice)


"Malaking tulong ang technology as CVA, I can connect with other CVA using zoom and messenger, lalo na at di na kailangan lumabas. Natututo din tayo via zoom and video conferencing. I have a regular day job as an IT consultant and a Voice Over Artist, it is a big help talaga lalo na sa client and team meetings. Hindrances lang siguro ay mabagal na internet connection."


FREDDIE TAYOAN (The Mellow Voice)



 "To be honest, I wasn't very good at technology. Advance gadgets. Ako ay nganga as in. Dahil sa CVAP natuto akong mag-aral na akala ko dati impossible. Takot akong mag vlog dati, kasi wala akong confidence. Ayokong makita ang mukha ko habang nagsasalita, kasi nakaka conscious ang galaw ng mukha ko, buti na lang may voice over di na kailangang ipakita ang mukha."



"Be encouraged Voicemates!  "CVAP" is very accessible for us here, even for those who live abroad. We don't have to book a flight to the Philippines to join the program, so there's no additional expense! Yes, you heard that right! We will just do Zoom calls and it's awesome, and you will learn from the best of the best, the number one Voice Artist, Sir Pocholo De Leon Gonzales! You will love his heart, knowledge, and talent, and he didn't make it difficult for us to join the program.


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