Further Milestones: CVAP in the Forthcoming Years

 Great aims equate to great triumphs.

June 20, 2020, marks the day when the country’s premier voice acting training institution—The Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP), was founded. It started small but has now grown and reached milestones made possible with the great pursuits of the program and the CVAP family it homes. Now, it heads towards nothing but a future filled with possibilities and farther leaps. 

Just recently, CVAP celebrated one year of revolutionizing and democratizing voice artistry in the Philippines. The celebration commemorated the program's achievements. In a year, the CVAP family has grown, changed the lives of over three hundred (300) individuals who are now Certified Voice Artists, paved opportunities in the voice acting industry, and achieved successes by proving that artists' voices are instruments for social changes. If it went this far in a brief span, what more in the forthcoming years?

The co-founder and program director of CVAP, Nikie Esmero, claimed that for the past year, the goals set by the program have been successful. These are made possible by the CVAP members commendable commitment to its pursuits and ideals: making positive impacts on people's lives, treating voice artistry as an art, not just a money-making venture, and practicing the culture of sharing, giving, loving, and caring to abolish the culture of “greediness, selfishness, and ungratefulness of the past." Mentioned are the factors that place the program at a competitive advantage in the voice acting industry.

One of the CVAP’s mantras, "somebody out there needs to hear your voice," encapsulates the ulterior motive of the program–to let the voices of others be heard. In the years to come, CVAP will continue to help students unleash their potential, gain confidence to use their voices not only to express themselves but to promote positive social change, and hone true "voice artists who do voice-over work for the arts, craft, and passion," (Pocholo, 2020). Innovations and modifications in the program will also continue to suit diversified members. It will continue to professionalize the industry while giving opportunities to new artists to ensure the sustainability of the voice acting industry.

Further, CVAP aims to provide more benefits and opportunities to its members and offer more scholarships to deserving individuals. It will proceed with the utmost goal of harnessing more Filipino talents alongside the plan to expand by establishing branches outside the Philippines to accommodate more international students. These aims are meant to make the Philippines the center of voice artistry in Asia and make Filipino talents known in the industry, both in the local and global state. 

The VoiceMaster of the Philippines and the founder of CVAP, Pocholo de Leon Gonzales, once said, "… Vision 2025 will surely happen and will happen because of our principles and ideals.” With the right attitudes and great aims, a remarkable journey will come along. After celebrating a year of fruitful endeavors and collaboration, we welcome more of these in the coming years. CVAP will continue to uphold everything it has started and will move forward to become bigger and better. The New Era continues!  

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