CVAP Anniversary: A Night Filled with Stars and their Stories

In every voice, we hear narratives that may have meanings that affect you or others. However, we must actually recognize that, even in our murmurings, we are saying something with a purpose, which is why we are telling them about it. 

On the night of the 20th of June 2021, with a theme inspired by Star Wars, May The Voice Be With You, we celebrated the 1st Anniversary of the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP). This day would not have been special without our speakers, mentors, and fellow CVAs, who have become like a family to us in this course and in the industry. In addition, Mr. Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, the one and only "The Voice Master of the Philippines," was also present.

May the Voice Be With You!


Mr. Rene Vincent Torralba aka EnVoice gave powerful opening remarks, "We are here to become the positive movers in our society." Meanwhile, Ms. Nikie Esmero aka The Voicing Queen shared the idea that, "CVAP paved a way to discover new things by yourself." Dennis Antenor Jr. sent wonderful good luck to all CVAs and explained that, “Don’t be scared to commit mistakes. God knows what’s for you. He will make a way and his plan is on time.”


Top 20 CVAs

As Sir Richard Abalos says, "One of the most important lessons that I've learned from CVAP is to share your talent and donate your skills. Especially for those who are new to the area and are in need. That is why we are creating a culture of sharing, giving, loving and caring." Sir Basil Fetil, on the other hand, focused on the challenges that you may face. He said, "You will definitely encounter different problems along the way." Ms. Pau Castillo shared that, "The greatest lesson that I actually learned from CVAP is that first, you are the greatest fan of what you do and you share it with others." Remember also, "You have to be yourself here at CVAP," Ma’am Lyn Gonzalez added. Furthermore, Sir Rene Torralba, Ms. Faith Pastrana, and Sir Bryan Perez concluded that the Certified Voice Artist Program opened a way for them to rediscover their passion for voice artistry. And they should use their voices to share their advocacy and to grow and prosper as individuals. Besides, Sir Mac Florendo, Ms. Mitzie Aguinaldo, Ms. Kate De Vera, and Sir Lloyd Loderico believe that, with the help of the opportunities that CVAP offered them, they should continue to learn and process them in return for what they have learned in the program. Sir Joshua Simeon stated, "This is not just focused on voice acting, because the best lesson for me is not just to be a voice artist, but to be a better person as well." In the presence of Ms. Janeane Santos, Sir Harlem Ferolino, Ms. Jazmine Estorninos, Ms. Champagne Cabido, Sir Tumnic Balabat, Sir Julius Piala, Ms. Dyanne Rivera, and Ms. Angelica Maglanoc, CVAP makes their dreams a reality: you will not only have a future, but a family to call your own.

Without the existence of "The Voice Master", this event wouldn't have happened and so, Mr. Pocholo De Leon Gonzales left the night with a powerful message to all CVAs, "Our voice is a gift from God. And that's how we use it to give back to God. Because someone out there needs to hear your voice."

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