10 Reasons to do Internship at CreatiVoices Productions

 Your choice determines your destination.                     

An internship is a structured learning experience that offers practical work related to a student's field of study or career interest. It gives a student the opportunity for career exploration and enhances her/his academic, personal, and interpersonal development.

Countless organizations are out there to cater to interns, but since it is a choice that may determine your career, never compromise. Choose the best.

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CreatiVoices Productions is the best Filipino Voice Over Company that supplies Filipino Voice Talents around the world and vice versa.

If you are a student undertaking communication courses such as Mass Communication, Broadcast Communication, Speech Communication, Communication Arts–Multimedia Arts–Information Technology–Music Production, this company is for you.

Here are ten (10) reasons why you need to do your internship at CreatiVoices Productions.

    1. You'll get to meet the man behind a thousand voices, the VoiceMaster of the Philippines, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales.

Getting to know a multi-talented and successful person who is of service to people is a great privilege. You'll get a chance to meet a mentor who will inspire and ignite your passion inside. As a highly sought motivational speaker, he will touch your heart and share with you all his wisdom every single time you got to talk to him. Here's a bonus: the moment you become an intern, the VoiceMaster himself will extend efforts to get to know you too.

2. You’ll be part of a company that embraces the culture of giving, sharing, loving, and caring.

Pocholo always emphasizes the principles of giving, sharing, loving, and caring, as these are the true meaning of success. The things you offer to others are the most profound things you'll ever do in life. As he and his company members teach and embody those principles, rest assured that you are in excellent hands and will grow as a better person.

A new family awaits you.

3. You’ll gain experiences you’ll never have from other companies.

Aside from the bonds you’ll form with hands-on and passionate people, you’ll gain things you'll remember even if you have already achieved your goals.

DJ Bonjing of iFM, a former intern at CreatiVoices attested, “You’ll get exposure to events like talks, dubbing, and things that happens in media.” He experienced stuff that a normal intern in a corporate world will never have, he added.

Photo credits: DJ Bonjings's Facebook page
4. You’ll receive opportunities.

You’ll be able to augment your talents and skills. You will be assigned to do the things you can do well and be given chances to discover new skills like scriptwriting, hosting, managing, etc. An opportunity to become a scholar at the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) is also a possibility.
If you possess the right attitudes: dedication, hard work, and kindness, opportunities will come your way.

5.  You'll be part of something larger than yourself.

To be part of the best company only means that you too are the best. You'll get accepted because the VoiceMaster has noticed your potential and capability. Remember, to accomplish an internship from CreatiVoices is to be part of the new generation of skilled and versatile corporate workers.

CreatiVoices sees the best in you and will bring out the best in you.

6. You’ll meet other successful and inspiring personalities like Certified Voice Artists and DJs.

With the tasks you're ought to do doing your internship, you will have the chance to meet, talk to, or even work with Pocholo’s former students and interns who have now achieved great triumphs in life and their professional niche.

7. You'll find inspiration and make connections with other interns.

With all the interns from different parts of the country or even the world, people from different walks of life and aspirations will inspire you. The community will give you a chance to widen your horizon, circle of friends, and understanding of life.

8.  You’ll find a sense of belongingness. 

The VoiceMaster and the organization, "treat interns as staffs." CreatiVoices will treat you as part of the company and give you a sense of belongingness: they will hear your voice, they will appreciate your works, and they will reciprocate your availability.

9. You can join wherever you are.

Wherever you live, you are welcome. The company holds the training either onsite or online. It is only up to you and your school’s protocol.

10. In the end, you’ll say you made the right choice.

With all the perks of being part of this company, you'll never utter the sentence, "I should've done my internship somewhere else."

CreatiVoices Productions allow interns to get immersed in various production tasks in Dubbing, Scriptwriting, Radio Broadcasting, News Writing, Graphics Design, Photo and Video Editing, and Events Management. It welcomes students into an environment filled with inspirations, motivations, collaborations, and opportunities.

It is a company proud to have produced interns from the top schools worldwide who are now working as professional voice artists, radio broadcasters, and news anchors in some of the major networks in the country.

You could be NEXT!

What are you waiting for? Send your letter of intent and resume to creativoices@gmail.com to apply.

Camie Jane Laote is an incoming senior student at Bicol University College of Arts and Letters. A part-time freelance writer, a volunteer intern at Creativoices Productions, and a Certified Voice Artist Program Scholar. 

‘I am a proud intern at CreatiVoices Productions’

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