CVAP Uniform: Wear Your Greatness Kaboses

As the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) family continues to help grow and influence more aspiring Voice Artists, CVAP is spinning off creatively for its Merchandising services through T-shirt branding.
CVAP launched its first-ever brand T-Shirt on its First Anniversary last June 12.

This creative T-shirt branding of CVAP follows the inspirational principles of The Voice Master Mr. Pocholo Gonzales, making it look significant, relatable, and of parallelism.  
This anniversary event was deemed timely crucial in the debut of the CVAP T-shirt as it commemorates the TOP CVAs and Voice Artist legends reaching a tremendous one-year milestone.
CVAP presented the designs of the t-shirt, giving CVAs a glimpse of what to expect from the merchandise.
However, the details on price tags, sizes, and CVAs are still in the process of finalization.
According to the Program Director, Nikie Esmero, “creating CVAP merchandise such as a t-shirt is one of the new steps that we’re taking to take the CVAP brand and its value to the next level.”

The blue colors of the Creativoices Productions t-shirt and logo symbolize how CVA professionally characterizes themselves as royalty, a voice with immense power and scope of influence to help each other become better.
Like any other corporates, businesses, institutions, schools, and other organizations, the T-shirt increases the value of promoting and making the family known to the industry. Having a uniform offers a more appealing and professional appearance by increasing the importance of unity.

CVAP T-shirts promote camaraderie and loyalty. People in today’s world are united by symbols and Logos that best represent their belongingness. This shirt serves to stay united, inspire, and work together to achieve a common goal and overcome the hardest of hurdles placed in front of them. Having this merch express their identity. It expresses the bearers in their most authentic nature.


  1. Looking forward to wear my CVA shirt. Thanks for letting us know all of these.

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