POLITICS IN DUBBING: How The Voice Master breaks the chain?


“There’s no such thing as “Voice Acting industry.” There is no industry, but there is an ‘Artistry’,” Pocholo Gonzales “VoiceMaster” Gonzales said.

One thing is certain: Voice Acting is “a way of life”, Pocholo said. We hear those voices every time we consume ourselves in the Mainstream Media. That being said, the world is boring without Voice Acting.

It is quite hard to tell that the country’s Voice Acting industry has received a lot of attention since for the past few years it has been underrated in the world of Art. A lot of Professional Voice Artists are still trying hard to redefine and display their value to Filipino audiences.

Pocholo is one of them. At a very young age, he experienced a lot of rejections surrounding the voice acting industry. He encounters monopoly and politics [in the Voice Acting industry]. Unfortunately, it's still happening today. Various studio productions, like animation studios, focused more on being profit-oriented and they ended up casting celebrities instead of professional Voice Artists.

The actress and a veteran voice artist, Lucy Quinto recall her experiences with celebrities in dubbing a certain project. “I found out the yung mga artista, hindi marunong ng dubbing. Hindi sila magaling magsalita. Tapos hindi nila ma translate yung ginawa nila sa pelikula sa screen” she said. She ended up taking supervised by all those celebrities who haven’t undergone proper voice training.

Those are called “padrino” or “palakasan” system and certainly one of the toxic Filipino culture where one who gains favor, promotion, or appointment through family affiliation [nepotism] or friendship [cronyism], or his/her influence in the audience as opposed to one's merit. This is clearly seen in the Philippine context especially in the Voice Acting Industry.

Acknowledging new artist

For Pocholo, the internet and technology gave the people equal rights and served a door of full opportunities, especially to aspiring Voice Artists. It is an excellent platform for those who are more passionate about their craft and talent. Despite the difficulties that come with undervaluing the Voice Acting Industry, Pocholo continues to create a venue for aspiring artists who share the same vision and goals as him and also a venue to showcase their talent.

Pocholo also extends his artistry to produce more aspiring youth by creating a School which is the Philippine Center for Voice Acting (PCVA) https://web.facebook.com/VoiceWorxWorkshop that conducts voice acting workshops and training more popular as VoiceWorx, Voice of The Youth (VOTY) https://web.facebook.com/VoiceOfTheYouthNetwork an advocacy organization to inform, inspire, involve and empower youth through media and communication technology and Certified Voice Artist Program https://web.facebook.com/CreatiVoicesProductions/photos/?tab=album&ref= a newly enhance and online version of VoiceWorx. Those organizations are full of opportunities, chances, moments, and arts that shape an individual to be a better one. Springs back in 2005, this company has produced thousands of voice overs for radio, televisions, online commercials, animation, telephony systems, websites, audio-video presentations, video games, audiobooks, podcasts, instructional videos, e-learning materials, and many more.

There is no industry, but there is an artistry

Pocholo truly believes that the true Voice Artist is someone who is full of passion and has a purpose. Someone who isn't money-driven but someone who does voiceover work for the love of art and for their craft. Citing the pioneers in Voice Talent that there has been no standardization. Or the commonality. “Walang common ground lahat ng Voice Talent, pinagkakakitaan lang nila ito.” “Hindi nila ito itinuturing na isang art”, he added. Same remarks with Danny “Ama '' Mandia, the Father of Modern Filipino Dubbing that voice acting is indeed an art. “What do you need to do is to be serious about the whole thing. Kinakailangan na may disiplina ka sa sarili mo. Dapat sincere ka sa gagawin mo” he said.

Looking back on the past decades, Pocholo emphasizes that voice artists for the past few years dominated the Television broadcast and also Radio broadcast which became a hindrance for casting newbie voice artists. 

He is certain that teaching the next generation, the aspiring ones, not to become Voice Talent but to be a Certified Voice Artist that can “democratize, professionalize, and revolutionize” the [Voice Acting Industry]. He established the “new system, new culture, and new framework” within an institution. Pocholo trained people and he eventually let them go for the reason they will also share and impart learning to other people.

“We have destroyed the culture of greediness, selfishness, and ungratefulness. That creates a culture of sharing, giving, loving, and caring,” he said.

Pocholo is committed to his vision, goals, and desire to create change in the system in the Voice Acting Industry. And, CreatiVoices Productions https://web.facebook.com/CreatiVoicesProductions serves as a door of opportunities to aspiring voice artists, especially newbies. And will break the chain of politics and monopoly surrounding the Voice Acting Industry. It’s inevitable to happen, but can be minimized.

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