CVAP Batch 8 Kicks-Off Week 2 Meeting

On Saturday, July 17, hosts of the Certified Voice Artist Program, Richard Abalos, and Assistant Program Director, Jeff Perey, set the Morning Session at around 9 AM with a cheerful and exciting atmosphere. Joining them as their guest co-host this week is Chill Lee of CVAP Batch 7. 

CVAP alumnus Jorissa Irisse Sapiera led the opening prayer to officially start the week two program. Followed by the humorous chats and banters of the hosts, they randomly selected six participants whom they asked to share each of their experiences and realizations from the week one meeting.

The hosts also did a recap about the topic and discussions they have presented on CVAP's Week One. Afterward, some special reminders were broadcast to maintain the order and steadiness of the activities that were lined up for the day.

Hosts of the Program welcomes the CVAP batch 8 participants in their morning session.

For the first knowledge acquisition portion of the week two program, the hosts introduced Joshua Anthony Simeon, aka The Voice Scout, as the morning session's special guest. Joshua is also a CVAP alumnus and one of the top-performing voice artists in the Philippines. He is a former ESL teacher who risked his job in his pursuit of voice acting.

In Joshua's presentation, he revealed the secrets on how to be an effective CVA and how to have a better chance of getting a voiceover project. Some of his notable points during the presentation are having an investment in your Time, Talent, and Treasure, being immune to rejections, and learning to move forward.

Mr. Joshua Simeon during his talk about the secrets on how to be an effective CVA.

Participants of the events were also encouraged to ask the guest some questions where most of the agendas are about the technicalities in recording such as software, equipment, and having professional Voice Artist accounts. The Q&A part took a lot of time as most of the participants are beginners who all have an interest in understanding starter tools that can be used in their journey as a Voice Artist.

After Joshua's 30-minutes talk, CVAP Program Director Ms. Nikie Esmero gave her opening speech that focuses on taking the considerations to build one brand and identity. With her message of promoting positive social change as the program's mission, Ms. Esmero evoked the audience to start the Voice Artistry as an Art and Craft rather than seeing it as a way of earning money or livelihood. She also reminded everyone to be the mentor that they wanted to have and ended her speech by telling her congratulatory words to the participants for continuing the CVAP Mission.

At 10 a.m., the hosts actively introduced the most awaited speaker of the day. The VoiceMaster himself, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales showed his alluring aura that has been elevated by his arrival through his fancy background music. With his widest smile, he greeted everyone with a great morning and an early Pochology, "Every day is a different day, and you can create it now."

Mr. Pocholo Gonzales with some of the CVAP batch 8 participants during his talk.

After stirring the right mood for discussion, Mr. Pocholo presented some important topics which can be also found from his book "Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent - Mga Sikreto sa Likod ng Dubbing, Voice-over at Voice Acting" In his presentation, he shared the science behind voice acting where the participants learned about the elements and varieties of voice and how to create character voices from the given formula. However, he clarified that his intention to teach everyone about Voice Acting is just a secondary reason but his main goal is to live the CVAP mission which is to perpetuate positive social change.

Aside from character voices, the VoiceMaster also taught the ways of finding the niche or the target market. Within this topic, Pocholo shared another Pochology that may seem very good to take away. "Your talent will lead you in front of the door but your character and attitude will make you stay inside the room," he said.

Meanwhile, the afternoon session was still filled with energy as the zoom meeting moderators allowed the participants to proceed in their breakout rooms for the small group discussions after the presentation of proper Voice Caring. With a total of 13 rooms, each participant will explain to their co-members the reason behind their chosen brand name as well as their official logos. 

Upon the completion of the given 45-minutes period, the representatives of each group were assigned to discuss the consolidated information creatively. The segment of the program somehow became a festival of talents as each representative brings out their competitive self. 

Moreover, Robinson Tumampos, CVAP Batch 7 alumnus and the first-ever cleft voice artist and public speaker in the Philippines did the honor as the special guest for the afternoon session. Tumampos brings inspiration to all of the members of the CVAP batch 8, especially to those who are also part of the PWD community. His message "If you don't take a risk, you'll never know" is an effective proverb that uplifts everyone's spirit. His talk about the five tips on how to create the best version of self left the audience with positive realizations and advice that can be applied for their further betterment.

A frame from Mr. Robin Tumampos' Introductory AVP

The CVAP week two program ended with Ms. Esmero's closing remarks as she gave away additional tasks aside from the initial assignments given last week. With the continuous heightened of intensiveness on CVAP related responsibilities, the pressure is now on for all the participants.

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