A Glimpse Into the Lived Experiences, Challenges, and Success of the Voice of PWD (Power, Wisdom, and Dynamism)

People often see them as powerless — because of their disabilities. They are easily judged and bullied by others — due to the fact that they are exceptional. But what most do not know is, Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) are more clever and willing to grab any tasks rather than anyone.

According to a survey conducted by the World of  Bank, there are one billion people, or 15% of the population all over the world have experienced different types of disabilities. Most of them were born that way, and others became like that because of accidents.

Furthermore, some people make them feel that they don’t have space in society; they don’t let them shine and bring out their talents. They even don’t have voices to speak out because others won’t let them grab a mic. But it was Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales who allowed them to be heard, to express, to empower, and to recognize all Persons with disabilities. 

He built an online show entitled “The voice of PWD - Power, Wisdom, and Dynamism, hosted by two inspirational people with disabilities, Robinson Tumampos and Dj Martin Freeman.

The voice of PWD was  produced on April 15. It is aired every Friday on YouTube and  Facebook from 7-8 in the evening. It features the success and great stories of PWDs.

The hosts proved that it is not a hindrance for them to achieve triumph even though they have disabilities. They don’t think what others think nor what others say. For them, the important thing is to be heard by people.

On the other hand, someone’s impossible dream became possible. Robinson Tumampos is already known as the first Cleft Public Speaker of the Philippines and a Certified Voice Artist of CVAP. His journey begins in the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, Inc. where he sees his way to meet and be discovered by Pocholo.

The VoiceMaster approached and offered an online show to Robinson, where he can share his stories to make the people around him aspire and be inspired as he lives by the mantra someone out there needs to hear his voice.

“I have no idea na darating ako sa punto na ganito. Pero kung talagang gusto mo, kahit gaano katagal. May perfect time talaga na darating sayo,” Robinson said about the unexpected changes prompted into his life. The challenges he experienced only caused him to be eager and prove everyone that having disabilities won’t limit him in using his voice to touch the lives of others.

“Let the people know na magaling ka. Let the people know na na-inspired sila sayo.” 

He shared that he experienced discrimination from the people who belittle him even before he started his chosen path. Robison admitted that at first, it’s hard not to see and feel the people’s immediate response to his voice and the way he talks. He even doubted himself and thought that nobody would listen to someone with such disabilities like him.

But those discriminations eventually lead him to where he is right now. A successful motivational speaker, program host, and an author.

The story of Robinson only proved that the term “disabled” doesn’t stop him from dreaming. He did not let himself be tied with his handicap, but rather, he embraced it as part of his unique abilities. He becomes an inspiration. He shows his honest intention. With all the people who are sincerely listening to his voice, he gave them courage by using his experiences. That he, himself, was able to accomplish something impossible at first. 

By truly staying with what is his passion, he enjoyed the process, and he kept sticking with a vision that would create a mindset of grit. Indeed, Robinson proves how remarkable he is by his nature.

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