From Having a Single Voice to Having 100 Voices (Day 2)

You read it right. Just from your only one voice,

100 voices is not actually impossible for you to do. 
That is one possibility and skill that session 2 has taught me.

Who is not a fan of any cartoon series and movies back in the days? If anyone would reminisce of their childhood, I am sure that they would share something about their favorite cartoon characters. Yung iconic na tawa ni Spongebob, even I could hear him doing that ridiculous laugh in my head. Yung mga boses sa Voltez V, Dragon Ball, Naruto, (o marami pa pero yan lang examples ko) at maraming-marami pang iba, iilan pa lamang ang mga palabas na ito na binigyang buhay at boses ng mga voice artists noon. Tuwang tuwa ka lang noon sa animations, but realizing that there are real people behind these characters is just another wow factor. But even if I can remember the voices of some of my favorite cartoon characters, I did not know exactly how they sounded like that nor how to imitate the same voice that they have.

Sa kabilang banda, may mga paraan at estilo na pwedeng magamit sa pagbuo ng boses. 
One of session two's lectures is about voice variety and elements to use in imitating and even creating character voices. To be specific, there are six elements to create voices which are: Pitch, Pitch Character, Tempo, Rhythm, Placement, Mouth Work. Basta lang ako nanggagaya ng mga boses noon, pinipaliit ko yung boses ko, binabagalan ang pagsasalita, kung minsa'y ibinababa ang tono para makabuo o makagaya ng boses. Not knowing, there are actually specific elements which also have specific names to be used. At sa anim na mga elementong ito, just imagine how many voices that you can make by mixing and combining each of the elements. 
Higit pa sa 100 voices ang kayang gawin just by doing it. Oo hindi madali, but the knowledge is given next to that is perseverance through practice na kailangan magmula sa sarili. 

Aside from these great things that they teach me, there are also persons from the previous batches who keep in touch with CVAP. They are sharing their experiences before and after joining the program. I am continuously being inspired by these people, hindi lang yung mga hosts, heads and managers ang nagpapatotoo but even those people who started since then also share their own testimonials kung paano sila natuto, nainspire, natulungan at lumago with CVAP.

Another special thing CVAP does is that it continues to inspire its pack. Hindi nawawala yung mga banat na narinig ko mula day 1, which is good because it is reiteration of things we must remember before we even put ourselves into the battleground. Hindi rin nawala yung enjoyment, the positive vibe, the laugh and the fun all throughout the session. 
With CVAP I know that I am continuing to grow, to learn and to fulfill my purpose.

All the glory to my good LORD's name.

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