The Verbal Component: Character Work and Voice Variety (Day 2 Blog)

So it's the 2nd day and I had a blast. 

Today, we learned different voices for characters. Mr. Pocholo sampled multiple voices like a young child, elderly man, a gruff monster, etc. When I learned he voiced Starscream (my all-time favorite Decepticon), I smiled. 

As a dungeon master, I've had to learn multiple voices, accents, and ways of speaking in the past. It's good to finally have a distinct formula on how to do it, but also, the art of embodying a character and giving them a voice may be a freeform and free-flowing process that's flexible and wonderful in and of itself. Learning this made me happy because it's what I wanted to do. 

Following the footsteps of Steve Blum, Dee Bradley Baker, Frank Welker, Troy Baker, Mark Hamill, Clancy Brown, Ron Perlman, etc. is such a dream, and this 2nd day helps me realize that even further. As a high schooler, my voice was so clear but I knew my calling would be in the shoes of these villainous voices.

For years I practiced my raspiness and huskiness and now, it's second nature to me. But CVAP Day 2 was here to set me straight by giving me techniques to explore even different voices. I'm also lucky because raspiness is the hardest voice to master due to it being so straining on the throat.

Whenever I play Dungeons and Dragons too, I go all out with the villains I conceptualize. There's just something about someone bad that makes playing them and being them so.. good. Right? 

Now, I can focus on other voices and be a great character worker too. So for this, thank you CVAP Day 2!

Have a great day, Voicemates!

– Aaron Pagdilao

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