Aspiring CVAs of Batch 12 Initiates

 By: Roshaolin Nuqui

“Only in giving, will we be able to receive.” – Nikie Esmero

March 5, 2022 –the 12th batch of Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) commenced. A day before then, it was kicked-off by an acquaintance party held via Zoom to know each other and to get a glimpse of what is waiting for them. It was hosted initially by Ms. Pau Castillo (AiVoice) with the help of Grazia Bautista (Zialtry Voice) and Cha Lagrisola-Erni (Cha's Synesthetic Voice), who both graduated from Batch 11 recently.

The head trainers and program facilitators compiled all suggestions and comments from the previous batch for them to revamp and improve CVAP. Furthermore, what’s special about this batch is that 80% of the trainees are scholars. As said by our one and only, Ms. Nikie Esmero (The Voicing Queen), “only in giving, will we be able to receive.” This community and program are indeed a very giving one.

The program is once again hosted by the one and only, Richard Abalos (The Rich Voice) and co-hosted by Bryan Dave Perez (ViBryant Voice) on the first day. This new and upgraded program goes into an in-depth lesson regarding the voice artist industry and a more interactive environment where more time is given to the trainees to ask specifically and technically what they want to learn to be successful. 

Although, The VoiceMaster, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales retired from CVAP (Read here), his vision and mission lives on to inspire more people. He also made a special appearance on the first day to welcome this new batch of aspiring voice artists. Not only that, The VoiceMaster also spearheaded more programs aside from Dubbing Academy Bootcamp along with big names in the industry. Making sure that all CVAP graduates, and trainees have something to look forward to after joining the program and become fully equipped with knowledge needed in the industry.

April 9, 2022 was the date for our 12th Batch’s InVoicetiture! 37 out 40 participants have received their CVA numbers and will be able to partake in the things that CVAP has to offer after graduation.

Here's the final list of Batch 12 Graduates:

BR 1 Triumphant Chant Jemai's PositiVoice Voice A Gon Fancy Vox BlubberVO BR 2 Voice Missy AliVoicePH Kool Voice19 J-Voices Little Vox No. 21 Freestyle Voice BR 3 Smiling Voice M-Voice Crystel's Voice AniMaZing Voice Minnervoice The Voice of Vision BR 4 LendezVox R VOICE Bes Speak Out Vox Chief Yami's Lil Voice Lead Voice The UnstoppaVoice BR 5 Vox Tags Ph The IncrediVoice PolyVoice Baccate VA EuVoice Loud Drian BR 6 The Great Talk ph WannaVoice ArcticVoice Mrs. Audioline Yas! Speak. Voice Techy nellevoices

Want to be one of the next voice artists that will graduate from the Certified Voice Artist Program? Sign up now for Batch 13 via this link.

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