The VoiceMaster retires from the Certified Voice Artist Program

By: Roshaolin Nuqui (6 Feb 2022)

The man behind a thousand voices, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” De Leon Gonzales, have been paving the way to newcomers in the Voice Acting Industry for many years in the Philippines and the only person who built a voice acting academy in the country. He believes that every voice artist should be heard and that someone out there needs to hear their voice. After he retired last 2020 from the dubbing industry, the man with so much wisdom and knowledge to share has decided to step-down and retire from the Certified Voice Artist Program.

A must join program if you are aspiring to be a voice artist! The VoiceMaster has designed this program not just to teach technical skills and voice techniques, but the values as well to become successful in the voice artist industry. His vision to share his knowledge, guide people and make opportunities for those willing to learn are what makes the program a success up ‘til now.

The program will now be handled by – Jeff Perey, Lyn Gonzales, Nikie Esmero, and Rene Vincent Torralba. They will carry on sharing the vision and mission of The VoiceMaster and will continue to support and teach aspiring voice artists.

CVAP will hold their 11th InVoiceTiture (Graduation) this coming 12th of February 2022.

The VoiceMaster may not teach on CVAP training any more, but his vision and mission will very much still be alive and be passed onto the next batches to come. Furthermore, he will still be active in other related fields – follow him and be inspired!



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