“Talk From the Heart”: Christian Values-Centered Talk Show to Air on VG8 Radio and FB Live in Mid-April 2022

By: Cha Lagrisola-Erni (April 1, 2022)

Four persons with disability (PWD) advocates from the pool of the latest Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) graduates will start a Christian counseling online talk show on VG8 Radio’s FB Page on April 10, 2022.

“Talk From the Heart” will feature letters from listeners and viewers who are seeking support and counseling about their life struggles—be it about their family, love-related problems, relationships, social issues, and even spiritual dilemmas. 

Hosts of Talk From the Heart

The weekly FB Live Stream program will be hosted by CVAP’s D’ Majestic 4:  HeartMate Maj Ferreria, HeartMate Ramil Jaictin, HeartMate Ching Santiago, and HeartMate Lynzzy Togane, and various special guests who will give Christian values-centered advice to the letter-senders who can remain anonymous if they wish. In addition to sharing their life stories and difficulties, correspondents may also make song requests which the CVA-hosts will happily oblige on-air.

The HeartMates:

Tita Maj “D’ Majestic Voice” Ferreria is a Certified Voice Artist from Batch 11 and is a CVAP PWD advocate and volunteer. A business woman and owner of numerous franchises, she is also a real estate consultant at San Jose Builder, and teaches ESL. Tita Maj is a member and worship singer of the Triumphant Generation International Ministry in Quezon City and is an inspirational figure and spiritual motivator.

Tita Ching “MamaVoice” Santiago is an autism advocate, and she is the President of the San Mateo Chapter of the Autism Society Philippines. She is a business woman and a sub-agent of Prulife Insurance, and she also conducts training in various livelihood programs in her community. Like Tita Maj, Tita Ching is a Certified Voice Artist from Batch 11.

Tito Ramil “RJ33 VOICEPIRATION” Jaictin is another CVA from CVAP Batch 11. He is an award-winning cable TV host and anchorman in Butuan, and is the founder and chairman of Kids For the Future Philippines, Inc. Tito Ramil is also a freelance PWD singer and songwriter.

Tita Lynzzy “Lynzzy Voice” Togane is a “jack of many trades”. From acquiring experience in working with neighborhood associations to expressing herself through visual arts and styling artistry, she also manages her own business of selling DIY sling bags and turbans, and she just finished an online course about computer system services, security, and privacy. Tita Lynzzy is also a Certified Voice Artist from CVAP Batch 11.

The Production Team of “Talk From the Heart” comprises CVAP Batch 12 PWD advocates Owen “Voice Techy” Macasu, Red “The UnstoppaVoice” Ramos, Ryan “R VOICE” Ferreras, Kristel “Crystel’s Voice” Trinidad, Daia “Triumphant Chant” Cuaresma, Lizalyn “The Voice of Vision” Lopez, Walter Miles “M-Voice” Cano, and Katherine “Lead Voice” Lansangan.

“Talk From the Heart” will go live every Sunday, 9:00PM, at VG8 Radio’s FB Page: https://m.facebook.com/VG8Radio/. For your letters to be featured on the show and receive counsel from the HeartMates, you may send your letters by email to: mariasbest63@gmail.com.

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