CreatiVoices Interns Spearhead Food Rescue Distribution in Palanan, Makati City

Makati City, Philippines – In a commendable display of community spirit, the volunteer interns of CreatiVoices Productions have wholeheartedly embraced the task of distributing donated rescue food to those in need. Taking the lead in this altruistic endeavor, these dedicated interns have been instrumental in ensuring that the residents of Barangay Palanan in Makati City receive essential food supplies.


Joining forces with Food Rescue Philippines, a prominent volunteer group committed to minimizing food waste, this collaborative effort aims to shed light on the significance of rescuing food and its impact on reducing food waste.

Food Rescue Philippines operates on the principle of collecting unsold yet perfectly edible food from various food businesses and establishments. With their well-established network and logistics expertise, they swiftly gather surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. This rescued food, instead of being discarded, finds its way to churches, shelters, and low-income families in dire need of sustenance. The distribution process is facilitated through a combination of bike deliveries and volunteer transportation.


By actively participating in the food rescue movement, CreatiVoices Productions interns are contributing to the noble cause of addressing food insecurity in the Philippines. Their collective efforts aim to alleviate hunger and ensure that no edible food is needlessly wasted.


This collaborative initiative holds great potential, not only in terms of providing much-needed nourishment to vulnerable communities but also in raising awareness about the critical issue of food waste. The partnership between CreatiVoices Productions and Food Rescue Philippines serves as a shining example of how organizations and individuals can come together to make a tangible difference.

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