Unveiling the Art of Voiceover and Dubbing: Kathleen Sone's Journey and Expert Tips

In the world of voiceover and dubbing, Kathleen Kaye Sone, has emerged as a rising star, sharing her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a sought-after voice artist. With her unique blend of talent and determination, Kathleen has become an inspiration to aspiring voice artists and dubbers.

A Chance Encounter with CreatiVoices

Kathleen's journey into the world of voiceover was marked by uncertainty and a lack of formal training. Like many aspiring artists, she grappled with questions about the future of her voiceover career. Was it meant to be a side hustle, or could it evolve into a full-time profession? However, fate had a different plan in store for her.

In 2015, Kathleen was discovered by the renowned voice artist and mentor, Sir Pocholo Gonzales, aka The VoiceMaster, through her Facebook page. Little did she expect that this encounter would lead to a life-changing opportunity. Kathleen fondly recalls her surprise when she was offered a full scholarship by Sir Pocholo, a chance she couldn't have imagined during her early days in the industry.

Embracing the opportunity, Kathleen dedicated herself to learning and improving her craft. She actively participated in workshops, connected with mentors, and expanded her network within the voiceover community. This period of growth marked the beginning of a remarkable journey filled with opportunities and a boost in self-confidence.

Despite her significant achievements, Kathleen currently considers voiceover as a side hustle, balancing her career with her full-time role as a creative writer at GMA Network, where she specializes in writing comedy scripts for weekend comedy shows.

The Viral Breakthrough

Kathleen's journey took an exciting turn when she found herself recording the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Jollibee's delivery service, a beloved fast-food chain in the Philippines. Her involvement with Jollibee opened doors to similar projects, including collaborations with international clients. Kathleen's recognition was boosted by this project.

In addition, she strategically utilizes her channel as a marketing tool, offering a glimpse into her behind-the-scenes process and inspiring aspiring voice artists. She posted the video on how she recorded the IVR for Jollibee on her YouTube channel, Voiceover Flowers, that quickly went viral.

Voiceover Flowers: A Platform for Aspiring Artists

Kathleen sees her YouTube channel as more than just a platform for showcasing her work; it's a vital part of her marketing strategy. She also uses the platform to give advice and share her insights. She believes that aspiring voice artists can draw inspiration from her journey and learn from her experiences.

Looking ahead, Kathleen sees a bright future for voiceover artists, particularly in the digital era where content creation is booming. Although AI technology is making strides in generating voiceovers, she believes that human emotions in doing voiceovers remain irreplaceable, ensuring the demand for authentic voice artists will continue.

Kathleen's Advice to Aspiring Artists

For aspiring dubbers and voiceover artists, Kathleen's advice is simple: keep practicing. Continuous improvement, networking, and learning from others are essential to success in this competitive field. She recommends watching movies, listening to podcasts, and immersing oneself in various voices and accents to refine one's skills.

She encourages everyone to embrace the challenges they face, for these trials will eventually shape their beautiful testimonies. In her words, "Your painful story will be your beautiful testimony.” She firmly believes that every hardship encountered becomes a vital part of an artist's inspiring story, providing a beacon of hope for those aspiring to conquer the voiceover world.

You can watch Kathleen Sone's YouTube viral voiceover for Jollibee here.

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