From Voice Talent to Dubbing Director: Pinky Rebucas Shares Her Journey and Wisdom in the World of Dubbing

In the world of entertainment, the voices behind beloved characters often remain hidden in the shadows. These talented individuals are the heart and soul of dubbing. Pinky Rebucas, a prominent figure in the industry, has graciously shared her journey and insights into the art of dubbing.

The Humble Beginnings

Pinky Rebucas, a renowned figure in the world of dubbing, didn't start her career with a clear understanding of the craft. She recalls her initial days when she had little knowledge about dubbing, only learning about it from her peers. However, curiosity led her to explore further, eventually leading her to her first dubbing audition.

A Learning Journey

Dubbing is an intricate art that goes beyond mere vocalization. Pinky emphasizes the importance of infusing emotions into the characters' voices, a skill that she had to develop over time. "Hindi lang siya yung simpleng basahin mo lang ‘to," she explains. "Ang pinakamahirap yung ilapat at bigyan ng emosyon yung gagawin mo." This realization drove her to continuously learn from herself and her directors.

For Pinky Rebucas, every day in her dubbing career is a learning day. She constantly seeks to improve her craft by adopting techniques from experienced voice actors and even delving into the world of writing and translation. Her dedication to honing her skills demonstrates that true growth comes from pushing one's boundaries.

The Rise to Dubbing Director

After a decade of dedication, Pinky's journey reached a pivotal point as she became a dubbing director. Her journey as a dubbing director began with Hero TV, where she was given the chance to prove her casting and script writing abilities. This opportunity allowed her to showcase her skills, and she gratefully acknowledges Hero TV for the invaluable experience.

Recognition and Awards

Pinky's talent and commitment did not go unnoticed. In 2008, she received the title of "Best Anime Director," a well-deserved recognition for her outstanding contributions to the industry. Her work also led to collaborations with various studios, solidifying her reputation as a prominent figure in the dubbing world.

A Message to Aspiring Voice Actors

Pinky Rebucas has a message for aspiring voice actors and dubbers: "Kung alam niyong kaya ninyo, kung alam niyong gusto niyo ‘to, push lang." She emphasizes the importance of perseverance and a strong mindset, urging newcomers to stay focused and not let criticism deter them. "Hindi ka pwede mag-dubb kung sensitive mong tao," she advises, highlighting the necessity of receiving feedback with an open mind.

She believes in hands-on experience and asserts that dubbing cannot be learned solely through words; it requires action and dedication. She encourages aspiring talents to discover their strengths and be honest with themselves.

Pinky's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, learning, and humility. Her journey from a novice to an accomplished dubbing director showcases the rewards of pushing boundaries and embracing challenges.

As Pinky Rebucas continues to make her mark in the dubbing industry, she hopes that one day, every voice artist will be recognized for their hard work and talent, fostering a thriving and celebrated community of dubbing professionals.

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