AMAzing Guest Speaker: Mr. Danny Mandia written by The Voice Meal | Casey Neil De Guzman

Guest Speaker on our Day 3 afternoon session in CVAP

    With his aggressive challenge to all of us Mr. Mandia, we can also call him "Ama". Ama invites all of us to ask him questions about his experience in this industry. Why he is answering our questions, still manages to expound his answer to share his story. 

    I have learned that Mr. Mandia, manages to went through this industry while there is martial law. According to him, some of their work like Voltes V at that time was forced to stop, because of martial law. He also taught us that in their era, it is very difficult to produce a dubbed series or movies, because of the manual set up of equipment, where they are doing things in an old way... which is manual. 

    He shared to us that, even though he sometimes acts for a certain character, it is given that he can cross to another line, he also translates the script to Filipino. He expresses through his words about him being patriotic, to this country and our own language. 

    He said that we Filipino should love our own language because it is given that we were obviously good at studying other country's language but with that, we mostly forgot to improve ourselves with our own language. "Who, what are your audiences?" Most of the people that you are offering your talent are from your own kin. Then it is a great opportunity for each one of us to make them understand the stories (of any movies or series that are being dubbed) that build by our voice.

    He also shares his experience about how his students kicked him out of the group and decided to replace him for being a director. He didn't take it personally according to him, because he said, if the team wants it, he cannot oppose that. But afterward, after a while, he found out his own students, apologizing for what have they done to him. Still, forgiveness is the key for all of us to let go of our burden. He forgave them and taught them that, his only treasure in this industry aside from the projects and all of the voices from different characters, the only treasure he truly cherishes is those students or people who listened to him and believed in him and continuing providing guidance for aspiring voice talent. One of them is Sir Pocholo, according to Sir Mandia.

    What I have learned is that we are all having our own deficiencies in life, but we do not, take it as a permanent hole in our lives, we tend to forgive and see the hope from a person's eyes. Encourage them to be the person they want to be in this industry. We give, give, give, and give. And all of the holes that you are carrying will be gone because of the love you shared and that love that is given to you by doing your purpose.


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