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 CVAP Day 3 Blog

    July 19, 2021, Day 3 or the third week of the Certified Voice Artist Program. Today, our guest speaker, the one and only, Papa Lem Ferolino. Although I already knew Papa Lem because of the VOTY live every Saturday when I was an intern at Creativoices Productions, I somehow cooperate in their program. I really appreciate Papa Lem's presentation, because he had no visual presentation, that is why I like him, he just talk, and I listened and imagined every story of him. He shares his experience about how many times he's been rejected by many radio stations. Until he met Sir Pocholo, and he's given a chance to be the host of his own program. Papa Lem wants to hear his voice in the light, bright, and youth voice, and with it, he inspires positivity to the listeners.

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    Papa Lem mentioned that since he was 3 years old he started to hold a microphone, but not to imitate a celebrity, he just want to sing. After that, he started listening to audiobooks, he said that when he was young he is surrounded by audiobooks so he keeps listening and gets influenced by them.

    Until he met Sir Pocholo because of the talks of Lloyd Luna in their school, luckily for Papa Lem, he and Sir Pocholo has already made their interaction online a week before that event, so Papa Lem said he didn't hesitate to approach Sir Pocholo and it brings it to where he is now.

Then Papa Lem started to teach us some tips.

Here's the list based on my understanding:

  • 1. Do what you love, and love what you do

Sir Pocholo said to Papa Lem; With pureness in my heart, I will use my skills and talents to make people greater and happy with greatness and excellence.

  • 2. Learn to trust yourself 
  • 3. Trust the process, it is part of your growth

But always expect it to be dynamic. Trust the process. You won't see the most colorful rainbow without experiencing the most torrential rain.

  • 4. Be consistent, Be visible. Get exposure. 

Rest is also productive.

  • 5. Be relevant

Pochology; availability is the best ability

  • 6. Engage with your audiences
  • 7. You do not have to be great to start, you need to start to be great.

Aanhin pa ba ang boses at talento kung hindi ginagamit sa kabutihan.

And then Sir Pocholo begins to talk, and gave us some tips, and shows us some of the tongue twisters.

You will appreciate the moments when it comes to memories.

Gagawin mo rin lang, gawin mo na ang lahat.

Tumalon ka nalang tas build an airplane on the way.

    Then we proceed to our lunch break, but before that, they informed us that we are having our zoomarte later on in the afternoon session. Right after I heard that announcement, I immediately check my groupmates, because I remember that lot of my groupmates are excused from our meeting because of their relevant reasons. So while I eating my lunch, I managed to come up with a short drama in case I'm only on my own when our group will present. 

    But before that, Sir Danny Mandia or the "Ama" shares some of his experience in the voice talent industry, she taught us the importance of forgiveness and understanding your fellow human. He went through a lot of situations that can make a man hurt his feelings, but he shows that forgiveness will raise you above anyone else. 

    I immediately ask on our group chat, if there's anyone available to be part of the character selection, and then fortunately for me Ma'am Vanessa Mae Allas is present in the meeting and she wants to be the part of an old character (old lady) and I said that I will revise the script to fit in her character. All went well, we planned this well and we performed well although there are only the two of us, still, we've executed the story easily.

Here's the script that I wrote:Ito ang storyang handog sa inyo ng tentenenennententen vox populi

Ang storyang ito ay may tatlong karakter

Ang batang si Juswa; na may kapangyarihang tinatawag na Noise Power

Ang Mahiwagang lola; May kapangyarihang tinatawag na Noise Reduction 2000

Nanay Marites: Na walang kapangyarihan

Ito ang istorya ng batang naligaw ng bahagya sa gubat dahil sa pagtatampo sa kanyang nanay

Bata: Hay nako, ayaw ko na nga bumalik ang ingay ingay ng nanay ko, lagi nalang akong pinapagalitan, laging sinasabi na walang saysay ang mga pinagsasasabi ko #hugot

Mahiwagang lola: Iho, narinig ko ang reklamo mo
Bata: Teka sino ka ba ha?

Mahiwagang lola: Ako ang Mahiwalang lola at dahil natagpuan mo ang aking lungga, baka may maitulong ako sa'yo.

Bata: Ayaw ko lang po na marinig pa ang boses ng nanay ko, nakakairita na kasi paulit ulit, puro kakaselpon mo yan!, kahit sya yung may problema sasabihin parin sa akin kakaselpon mo yan!, eh una sa lahat, wala akong cellphone... calculator nga lang kayang laruin jusq. Ay teka ano po ba ang kapangyarihan na sinasabi niyo?

Mahiwagang lola: Kaya kong pawalain ang kahit ano mang unecessary noise sa aking paligid. Ito ang aking skill na tinatawag kong Noise Reduction 2000

Bata: Ayy weh grabe naman po pala sakto matutulungan n'yo ako sa problema ko sa nanay ko!

Mahiwagang lola: Tingnan natin ang magagawa ko

Nanay: Juswa nasaan ka ba nagpunta juswa!?

Bata: Ayan, ayan na ang nanay ko papalapit sya rito... ngayon mo na gamitin ang kapangyarihan mo!

Nanay: Juswa! Ano bang ginagawa mo ba't bigla bigla kang tumatakbo kung saan saan, paano nalang kung maligaw ka!? Ayan ayan natututunan mo sa selpon!

Bata: Mahiwagang lola, simulan mo na!

Mahiwagang lola: Ito na iho.... *ginamit ang powers....* Get Noise Profile.... Select all.. Control r!!! Noise Reduction 2000~

Nanay: Ano ba juswa, sino ba yang kasama mong manang dito, nakakahiya mukhang may ginagawa ang manang na iyan. Maiistorbo pa natin...

Nanay: Juswa, Bakit hindi ka sumasagot, nasaan na ang boses mo!? Ano yang ginagawa mo? charades ba ito anak? Uyy!?

Mahiwagang lola: Ihoo, lahat ng tao sa mundo ay nararapat marinig ang boses, ito ang palagi mong tatandaan, hindi kailanman dapat pinuputol ang kakayahan ng isang tao para makapagsalita... Dahil ito ang isang bagay na kahit tayo mismo sa sarili natin ay hindi dapat natin itago. Makinig ka sa nanay mo, sa'yo gumana ang Noise Reduction ko, ibig sabihin, mas kailangan mo pang bigyan katututuran ang mga sasabihin mo simula ngayon, naiintindihan mo ba? ibabalik ko na ang boses mo~ *BALIK

Bata: uwu grabe naman po mahiwagang lola, nakakatakot po pala mawalan ng boses, pasensya na po nanay, kung walang katuturan ang mga pinagsasasabi ko, sa susunod makikinig na po ako palagi sa inyo.
Nanay: Tama yan juswa, halika na at umuwi na tayo. Maraming salamat mahiwagang lola

Bata: Maraming salamat po

Mahiwagang lola: Iho, iha, huwag n'yo kalimutan mag subscribe sa Social media accounts ko...

Bata: Ano po yun lola?

Mahiwalang Lola: Search nyo lang.... Creative Noises Production

Bata: Opo tatandaan ko po Creative Noises Production! osige na po mahiwagang lola! Salamaat po! Paalam!

All went well and many of our fellow dreamers praise us, but still, I'm thankful for Ma'am Vanessa for his wonderful performance.

The assignments were given and another week to fight! I'm on the third week of the Certified Voice Artist Program. Whatever it is I've learned in this program, it will be part of me forever. It is in my blood, anywhere I go.

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